How Does Mosquito Squad Help With Ticks?

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How Does Mosquito Squad Help With Ticks?

December 20, 2023

Lyme disease is the most widely spread tick-borne illness in the United States. Ticks also contribute to other illnesses such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Ticks are not just a summer problem. As we enter the fall season, ticks tend to harbor in the accumulation of leaves that trees shed for winter. Ticks do not only reside in wooded areas, they are also found in tall grasses, bushes, stone walls and any places mammals live. If you have deer or rodents living on or around your property, you will likely experience a thriving tick population.

What can be done to prevent being bit by a tick?

You can come in close contact with ticks just by walking your dog, gardening or camping. Avoid brushy areas with high grass, and leaf litter. It is also important to check for ticks on yourself, young children, and pets before coming indoors. Wearing clothing that prevents skin from being exposed, such as long sleeves and pants, can also help.

How do you remove a tick?

The first two tools you will need are pointed tweezers and rubbing alcohol. It’s important to get tweezers with pointed tips, and not the squared-off ends to prevent tearing. Once you have the tools, clean the area around the tick bite with the rubbing alcohol. Then, clasp the tweezers as close as possible to your skin’s surface and pull the tick upward slowly. You do not want to jerk or twist during removal; this can cause the tick’s mouthparts to break off and remain in the skin. Once removed, you will then clean the bite area. To dispose of the tick properly, you can flush it or drown it in a container with rubbing alcohol.

Does Mosquito Squad help with ticks?

Absolutely! Most ticks go through four life stages: egg, six-legged larva, eight-legged nymph, and adult. Our granular treatment will target all the non-adult stages and our backpack blower will get the adult stages. Combined, you will get full and complete coverage for your tick concerns. The granular product we use is a fine, sand-like blend that is activated with water; preferably within a 24-hour period. Once you water your lawn, it will take about seven days to start benefiting from effects on tick (and other problem insect) populations. This treatment is typically applied twice annually, first in the Spring and the second application in the fall, lasting about 2-4 months each time.

Is the Granular Treatment harmful to pets or children?

Our trained technicians apply the product in accordance with the label instructions for the safety of pets and children. Per the recommended instructions: granular applications should be broadcast with a spreader, watered in and completely dry before allowing pets in the treated area.