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(11 months ago)

"Frank was out today to service my property and in all the years I’ve used Mosquito Squad not a single technician ever did the quality job that Frank did. Enough so, that I had to go outside and actually ask him his name to leave him such a good review. If I’m being honest, after the service I got the previous time before I almost cancelled your services to go with a competitor. That prior technician did the quickest lap around the outside of my property I’ve ever seen, missing tons of landscaping and central areas. The next few weeks we couldn’t be outside much because there were so many mosquitoes (live on the water plus tons of rain). But Frank restored my faith in your company, I just want to figure out how I can request him EVERY time. I own multiple retail stores and have been self employed over 25 years. I’ll give you my own 2 cents, take a little bit of extra money and put Frank into some kind of training role to teach new hires exactly how properties should be taken care of. As I stated, after my last application I almost cancelled for good and went with someone else, Frank saved me as a client. He should be teaching everyone how to properly apply the product for customers. And he seemed so motivated about his job, excited even. Very rare to find in an employee. As someone that’s had HUNDREDS of employees, someone like Frank is rare to find. Please only send him to my property in the future."

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Anthony Snell

(in the last week)

"Marquis, did a excellent job. Very concerned about our yard and how there service are. We request to have him to continue to take care of our yard. Thanks Marquis"

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Nicholas Hughes

(3 weeks ago)

"We’ve been using Mosquito Squad for 5 years. They’re always flexible and hassle free. We live in a wooded area, we are able to sit outside and watch TV at night and not have to worry about mosquitoes. It also helps with Carpenter Bees and Wasp. Highly recommend"

Deborah Hewitt Profile Image

Deborah Hewitt

(3 weeks ago)

"DJ did a great job for me! He took extra time to cover the areas near my outdoor living areas. He also told me about some of their other products that I might consider if other types of pests--besides mosquitos--become too prevalent in my yard. I LOVE the all-natural product--it even smells good!"

Johanna Beshore Profile Image

Johanna Beshore

(2 months ago)

"Mosquito Squad is a great company. Priced reasonably and they take care of more than just mosquitos. I also have traps for those pesky flies. This will be our third summer with them. We will continue to use their services as our summers have been quite successful with no mosquito problems and a huge reduction in flies!!"