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In Norfolk, VA, where the waters of the Chesapeake Bay meet our vibrant community life, outdoor living is a cherished part of our local culture. However, the pleasure of our scenic neighborhoods can be marred by the relentless annoyance of mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests that return during the spring, summer, and fall. Mosquito Squad of Hampton Roads steps up to help protect and enhance your outdoor lifestyle, delivering treatments that cut down the presence of pests, allowing residents to reclaim the joy of outdoor living. Our commitment to excellence and reliability means you can look forward to fewer pests and more enjoyable outdoor experiences from the warm days of spring to the cool evenings of fall.

Mosquito Control Norfolk, VA

In Norfolk, combating mosquitoes is crucial not just for comfort, but for health. These pests are carriers of diseases like Zika and West Nile virus, which are both known to cause serious health consequences. Our traditional mosquito control treatments, effective for up to 21 days, significantly diminish mosquito populations by 85-90%, ensuring your outdoor spaces are more welcoming. Opting for Mosquito Squad means choosing a proactive approach against these disease carriers, making your yard a place of relaxation and fun.

Tick Control Norfolk, VA

The threat of ticks in Norfolk, with their potential to spread Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses, cannot be overlooked. Our targeted tick control strategies effectively eliminate ticks on contact, disrupting their life cycle and significantly reducing their numbers on your property. This ensures a more enjoyable outdoor environment for both your family and pets, letting you enjoy your garden or backyard without the looming threat of tick-borne diseases.

Why Mosquito Squad of Norfolk, VA

Choosing Mosquito Squad of Hampton Roads for your Norfolk home means partnering with experts who understand the importance of creating an enjoyable outdoor space. Our team is dedicated to delivering a superior customer experience, offering everything from one-time special event treatments to comprehensive seasonal treatment plans. We provide a range of services, including essential oil based natural treatments, all backed by our satisfaction guarantee. With Mosquito Squad, you gain a partner committed to improving your outdoor lifestyle, backed by effective solutions and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

Get Rid of Mosquitoes for Pet Health in Norfolk, VA

In Norfolk, helping defend your pets from mosquitoes is critical, especially considering the risk of heartworm disease. While preventive treatments from veterinarians are essential, our mosquito control services offer an additional layer of assistance, minimizing your pets' exposure to mosquitoes. Creating a less attractive environment for these pests not only benefits your family's well-being but is also a crucial step in comprehensive pet health care. Don’t let your furry friends be exposed to these biters!

Chigger, Clover Mite, Flea, Fly, Gnat, Ant, Spider, and No-See-Um Control Norfolk, VA 

Norfolk's diversity of outdoor spaces means residents often face a variety of pests, from chiggers and clover mites to fleas and gnats. Our extensive pest control solutions, including specialized packages like the Home Shield package, address these challenges effectively. This package, along with our targeted treatments for fly control, no-see-um control, clover mite & chigger control, flea control, gnat control, ant control, and spider control ensures that your home and yard remain enjoyable throughout the year. Our approach combines thorough inspections, customized action plans, and continuous monitoring to guarantee your outdoor spaces are less welcoming to a wide array of pests.

Our range of pest control packages includes:

Squad Home Shield: This comprehensive package extends beyond mosquitoes and ticks to cover ant control, spider control, roach control, and nest-building wasp control, helping defend around the perimeter of your home.

With Mosquito Squad of Hampton Roads by your side, experience the full joy of the outdoors with Norfolk pest control. Our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction mean you can enjoy every outdoor moment to its fullest. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help make your outdoor spaces a place of refuge. Sign up now or give us a call at (757) 300-1839 – because your peace and enjoyment of the outdoors matter.


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