The Impacts Of Weather On Mosquitoes

Posted by Mosquito Squad
The Impacts Of Weather On Mosquitoes

December 20, 2023

Have you ever noticed the sudden influx of mosquitoes right after a storm or a rainy day? This happens because weather can have a serious impact on the behavior of mosquitoes and their life cycle.



Mosquitoes are cold-blooded, meaning they can not regulate their body temperature. Their body temperature pretty much always matches the current temperature outside. For this reason, they are only active during warmer months. The “mosquito season” for the Hampton Roads area typically starts in April and goes through the end of October. Weather conditions during these months are ideal for mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes thrive in temperatures around 80° F or higher. Although they do prefer high temperatures, prolonged exposure to sunlight can actually cause mosquitoes to become dehydrated. This explains why mosquitoes love shady areas, and warm evenings are their prime feeding time.

Once the temperature drops to about 60° F mosquitoes will become lethargic. At 50° and below, they are barely able to function at all. Not all can do this, but some species will even find hiding spots to hibernate in and will wait months for temperatures to rise before they emerge again. Female mosquitoes will sometimes lay eggs in the fall that will eventually freeze and remain dormant. However, once the weather starts to warm up, the eggs will finally hatch and the cycle of life will start over again.


In addition to warm temperatures, rain is also very beneficial and important for the survival of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes need water and humidity to live.


Females lay their eggs in standing water and only need a bottle cap full of water to lay as many as 300 eggs at a time. They sometimes lay their eggs in moist soil or places that are prone to flooding and the eggs will remain dormant until the rain passes through and causes the area to flood again. Once this happens, the once dormant eggs will hatch and emerge all at once.

For this reason, it’s very important to eliminate any standing water that may have accumulated around your property.

Many parts of the world have tropical climates or stay warm all year round. These places are unlucky enough to have a year-round, never-ending, mosquito season. Thankfully, we get to have several colder months here in Hampton Roads to provide a bit of relief from the nuisance of mosquitoes and ticks. Keep in mind, the warm weather will always return and so will the mosquitoes. That is why Mosquito Squad is here to help you fight the bite and enjoy each summer more than the last.