4 Beneficial Insects in Your Yard

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4 Beneficial Insects in Your Yard

December 20, 2023

4 Beneficial Insects


Most insects, especially mosquitoes and ticks, have a bad reputation and are not welcome in our yards or outdoor spaces. Besides carrying harmful diseases that can be transmitted to humans and animals, they can also leave painful itchy bites on us and can ruin fun outdoor activities.


There are an abundance of good insects that play an important role in helping our environment and overall health. Here are 4 insects that can be very beneficial to have in your yard.



Ladybugs are harmless and can actually be very beneficial, especially if you have a garden. This is because ladybugs eat insects that can be harmful to your garden or plants. They feast on aphids, mites, fruit flies, etc. A ladybug can eat about 50 to 60 aphids in one day and up to 5,000 in its lifetime.


Ladybugs lay their eggs in areas that are inhabited by aphids or other insects so that the larvae can feast immediately as soon as they emerge.


If you want to attract more ladybugs in your yard, try planting some fennel, dill, or marigolds. They are very attracted to the scent of these plants.


Garden Spiders

If you can get past your fear of spiders, the non-poisonous ones are great to have around because they help keep insects under control and will feast on pretty much any insect that comes across their path. They are natural-born hunters and watching them weave their beautifully intricate webs can be quite entertaining.


Dragon Flies

Just like mosquitoes, dragonflies require water to lay their eggs. They lay their eggs in water or sometimes they insert the eggs into aquatic plants or moss. Dragonfly larvae feed on mosquito larvae which can help to reduce the mosquito population.


As adults, dragonflies feast on mosquitoes, midges, moths, and other flying insects. Sometimes they will even eat other dragonflies.



Last but certainly not least, bees. Bees are essential and without them, life as we know it would change drastically. Bees are heavily relied on to help pollinate our plants and crops and are among the most important and beneficial insects on earth.


There is a common misconception that mosquito control services can be harmful to the bee population by causing mass bee casualties. However, when done correctly we can treat mosquitoes and ticks while preserving bees and other pollinators at the same time. Protecting pollinators is very important to us and we do everything we can to preserve bees and other pollinators.


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