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Mosquitoes are more than a nuisance – they can also transmit serious diseases to people and pets. That’s why Mosquito Squad is committed to keeping the irritating pest at bay. Since 2005, our traditional mosquito barrier treatment service has destroyed countless mosquitoes on residential and commercial properties. It works for up to 21 days.

What is Mosquito Barrier Treatment?

Traditional mosquito barrier treatment is our primary mosquito control technique. With specialized equipment, we spray a proprietary blend registered by the Environmental Protection Agency that meets both local and federal regulations. Our unrivaled treatment kills and repels up to 90 percent of mosquitoes on contact and remains effective for up to three weeks after application.

Before treating your property, our highly-trained mosquito technicians will first examine your yard’s unique layout and personalize a plan for its specific parameters. We’ll inspect standing water, vegetation, log piles, tarps, shady spots, and other conditions. This ensures we can kill mosquitoes where they breed, feed, and harbor.

If you’re interested in a natural way to control mosquitoes, check out our natural mosquito treatment option

On-Demand or Scheduled Mosquito Treatments

You can contact us whenever you’d like mosquito treatment for your yard, such as during prep for a special event. However, many of our customers prefer a recurring appointment. When you subscribe to our traditional barrier treatment plan, our local mosquito control specialists will automatically return to your property every 21 days – all season long. This three-week schedule is the best way to ensure your property is continuously protected. 

After setting up an automatic plan, you’ll receive reminders of upcoming services and visit notifications each time we treat. You don’t have to be home during the mosquito service – just let us know beforehand so that our technicians can safely access your property.

Why Choose Mosquito Squad for Mosquito Control Service Near Me?

We are beyond confident in providing outdoor mosquito treatment that works. We back our mosquito control treatment with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. After service, if you are still uncomfortable with the number of mosquitoes in your outdoor space, contact us within 21 days for an additional treatment at no additional charge.

Join the thousands of happy clients we regularly serve. Give our friendly team a call at (781) 471-5793 or contact us online to get a cost-free consultation and quote!



How much does mosquito control cost?

Mosquito Squad is committed to offering fair, upfront, and competitive rates. Mosquito Squad pricing for mosquito spray service varies, depending on your property’s size and location. Contact your local Mosquito Squad for a free consultation with absolutely no obligation. After this consultation, we’ll provide a no-hassle quote that is customized to your needs.

How long does mosquito treatment last?

Mosquito Squad’s traditional barrier treatment lasts up to 21 days. If you received a treatment from another provider or used a DIY product, the duration of efficacy depends on the product and application technique. 

How good is DIY mosquito spray vs professional mosquito spray?

There are off-the-shelf mosquito repellents, “zappers,” candles, plants, and other options available on the market. The effectiveness of these store-bought products varies, but they often deliver minimal, temporary results. Professional mosquito control is longer lasting and more thorough – that is, if you choose a provider with an effective formula, advanced equipment, and techniques for treating the proper areas. 

Why are there so many mosquitoes in my backyard?

Yards with lots of mosquitoes likely have one or more of these conditions, which promote mosquito sheltering and breeding:

  • Stagnant/standing water
  • Clogged or dirty gutters
  • Excessive organic debris, overgrown vegetation, and old tree stumps
  • Unnecessary backyard belongings

Is mosquito treatment safe?

Our mosquito control team is trained to apply our traditional barrier treatment with the safety and health of your loved ones and landscape in mind. We adhere to yard-friendly practices, and we do everything we can to avoid contaminating pollinators, plants, and belongings. After each service, we highly recommend waiting at least 30 minutes before allowing pets and children to play outside,

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