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Mosquito and Tick Control Services Cohasset MA

Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South are your trustworthy mosquito and tick control service providers in Cohasset Mass.

Cohasset Mass is a small coastal town with big coastal views and storied historical significance. There is really no reason not to love the quaintness and history of Cohasset, and mosquitoes and ticks have received the memo! As with other coastal areas in the Northeast both these blood sucking pests enjoy the benefits of waterside and water adjacent homes, businesses, and natural spaces alike. But you have tick and mosquito fighting partners at Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South.

Cohasset Mass Mosquito Control Service

Our mosquito control services at Mosquito Squad are not limited to a simple barrier spray application. Mosquito Squad’s Cohasset Mass mosquito control technicians will identify breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Moreover, they understand how to eradicate them! They will identify problem areas, assist you in eliminating them from your yard, and neutralize the area with our tried-and-true mosquito barrier protection spray. We will return to your business or residence every 14 to 21 days to treat your property once more with mosquito control spray to maintain your protection.

Cohasset MA Tick Control Services 

We treat tick infestations in Cohasset, Massachusetts in the same manner as we do mosquito infestations. Our infallible tick control method eliminates tick reproductive grounds and areas where ticks wait for their next host. Throughout the tick diapause or hibernation season, we employ periodic barrier treatment applications and tick tubes. Specifically late autumn and winter. This means that your property and family will be protected throughout the year.

Cohasset Mass Mosquito Control Spray for Special Events

Regular Cohasset tick and mosquito control customers, as well as non-customers, require protection against mosquitoes and ticks for outdoor events and special occasions. This one-time spray will protect you and your visitors from mosquito bites and tick encounters from the start! Do not hold a party or host a family reunion without our reliable mosquito protection, as they will show up uninvited if not dealt with beforehand.

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If you are not fully satisfied with your Mosquito Control or Misting System, contact your Mosquito Squad office and we will make it right!

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