Do I Need Fire Ant Control in the Fall?

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Do I Need Fire Ant Control in the Fall?

December 19, 2023

Fire ants that ravage our yards do not have to be a foregone conclusion. Fall fire ant control is highly recommended in Texas.

It’s not fall yet, but per the calendar, we are in our last few weeks of official summer. In all likelihood, the weather will begin to cool, ushering in all the autumn vibes you can handle. Did you know that ants continue their quest for survival in the fall? That’s why autumn fire ant control is essential in Texas. It is highly recommended to deploy bait ant control in August and September.

Fire ants are not simply pests that sting.

Fire ants might seem like just another insect, but their economic impact is substantial. They pose a significant threat to agricultural industries by attacking and damaging crops. In the fall, fire ants become particularly aggressive as they search for food sources to sustain their colonies during the winter. This behavior can result in severe losses for farmers, affecting crop yields and profitability.

Why is fall fire ant control a good idea?

These tiny yet formidable insects can wreak havoc on both humans and pets, making it imperative to implement effective control measures during this season. Autumn weather in Texas is typically more predictable, which allows for ample fire ant bait treatment. This, in addition to your pest control for ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes will help your yard be a more inviting, safer space to enjoy in the cooling fall season.

Fire ant control through barrier protection sprays.

As the temperatures drop, fire ants seek refuge in warmer environments, and will attempt to invade homes and other buildings. This can lead to infestations in living spaces, posing a threat to your comfort and health. Fall is an opportune time to establish barriers and treatments around the perimeter of structures to prevent these pests from entering indoor spaces. Mosquito Squad of Austin offers fire ant control spray to allay potential ant invasions into your indoor spaces.

Don’t allow fall fire ants to get out of control. Trust Mosquito Squad for guaranteed Austin fire ant control. Contact us today at (512) 488-5331.

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