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Tick Control and Mosquito Control Great Hills Austin TX

Choose Mosquito Squad for tick and mosquito control in Great Hills Austin Texas, offering ant and flea extermination too.

The aptly named Great Hills neighborhood in Austin is the quintessential urban escape. Beautiful, austere surroundings are perfectly married with single and multi-family residences, where folks can enjoy a quiet existence outside of Austin, even though local shopping and entertainment venues are fairly close-at-hand. With beautiful lawns and natural spaces comes the threat of pests, including ticks, mosquitoes, fire ants, and fleas. Trust the experts at Mosquito Squad for all your Great Hills Austin pest control requirements.

Mosquito Control Great Hills Austin TX

From leaky irrigation systems to pet dishes and outdoor planters, water can pool in areas throughout our property with us giving it a second thought. That is, until mosquitoes are overtaking our outdoor spaces! As they multiply quickly, there can seem to be an influx of these tiny terrorists overnight in Great Hills. Never fear – Mosquito Squad of Austin is here for effective solutions for mosquito control in Great Hills, Austin TX. Our traditional barrier mosquito treatment and natural mosquito control solutions can eliminate 80% to 90% of the mosquitoes on your Great Hills property, and keep your family protected from the threat of mosquito bites for two or three weeks between applications.

Tick Control Great Hills

Ticks that are common in Austin TX are vectors of potentially life-threatening diseases. That is in addition to the fact that they are unsightly creatures to encounter. Like their mosquito counterparts, they suck the blood of their targets in order to procreate. Tick life cycles are two to three years, giving them ample opportunity to lie in wait to achieve their goal of obtaining their next blood meal, which could be you, your family member, or your pet. Mosquito Squad offers protection from all types of ticks found in Austin through the same barrier treatment and natural spray options as we use to control mosquitoes. Additionally, we can deploy our proprietary tick tubes in the “off season” to hit ticks where they live, essentially breaking their life cycle.

Flea Exterminator Great Hills, Austin Texas

If you have seen one flea in your yard or inside your home, that is one flea too many! Fleas are also parasites, who feast on the blood of their bite victims. The difference is fleas multiply quicker and can prover heartier than mosquitoes and ticks. Therefore, they can infest your domain – inside and out – in short order. Call on the trained technicians at Mosquito Squad for all your Great Hills flea extermination requirements. We not only treat your property for fleas, but we find the source of your infestation problem, so fleas can be eliminated most effectively.

Great Hills Austin Fire Ant Extermination

Fire ants no longer need to be considered a matter of course living in Great Hills, Austin, Texas. Mosquito Squad begins effective fire ant extermination by way of our EPA-registered barrier control treatment spray, which kills wandering ants on contact. We follow up with a fire ant mound compound and can additionally deploy ant baits and granules to ensure extermination is achieved. Don’t accept fire ants as a part of life in Great Hills. Trust Mosquito Squad of Austin for ant control around your home or business.

Mosquito Squad of Austin encourages you to contact us with any questions you might have about our services, or to begin your pest control regimen. Call (512) 488-5331.



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