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Where Do Mosquitoes & Ticks Go in Winter? Hint: They Don’t Go Extinct and They Do Prefer YOUR Warm Home Over the Cold Outdoors

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

You indeed see significantly fewer insects around St. Louis in the winter. But, without fail, every spring, they arrive right on time with the warming afternoons.

How do insects and their brood survive winter to continue where they left off?

Overwintering Insects

There are such things as overwintering insects. Some varieties of mosquitoes are in this group. They find a place to hide out, and most go dormant during the coldest months. Places they might hide include sheds, hollowed-out trees and logs, woodpiles, leaf piles, and even inside your home!

spider on web

In fact, there are a large variety of insects that will weasel their way into your house through the tiniest crevices. In your home, they will make themselves feel welcome by building nests, eating your food, drinking your water, and maybe even laying some eggs.

Avoid a Spring Bug Explosion

No one wants insects in their house. Ever. Much less during winter. Throughout the winter, you may regularly come across a random mosquito, some boxelder bugs, spiders, millipedes, roly-polies, and more. Those surviving insects are the same ones that contribute to the expedient expansion of the bug population come spring.

Overwintering Outdoor Insects

These insects don’t only sneak indoors, but there are also overwintering mosquitoes and mosquito eggs outdoors. They are often left in a place where spring rains will flood and provide the nourishing environment for those eggs to hatch and thrive in spring.

And ticks. Ticks don’t mind the cooler weather. Ticks are less active when temperatures cool down. Nevertheless, they are out all winter unless it is below freezing or they are buried under snow.

Continuous tick and mosquito control services on your property from early spring through the fall are the most advantageous way to reduce as many of these overwintering insects as possible. However, extra winter protection is a great addition to any well-rounded pest control plan. We urge you to consider a pest control winterization service.

Pest Control Winter Protection Treatment

Last year, we launched our Mosquito Squad Pest Control Winter Protection Plan. With such a successful launch, we are offering it again this year. Winterization is a great complement to existing mosquito and tick control services or as a standalone. We focus on your lawn, landscape, and your home’s foundation to keep insects away from and out of the house.

If you’d like a headstart on spring and a winter without creepy crawlies in your home, call our team today to get a free quote and to get on the schedule.