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St. Albans Mosquito Control and Outdoor Pest Control Services

Amid the gently rolling hills and lush midwestern forests of St. Albans, life is quiet. A place where there is a bit less hustle and bustle than the city. The open space and fresh air attract residents and visitors alike. Here, families enjoy larger properties with more privacy and freedom to enjoy all of nature’s abundant gifts. 

Speaking of nature’s abundance, the gorgeous area is not just attractive to humans. Mosquitoes and ticks also thrive nicely in St. Albans. With plenty of food, water, and the safety of open space these annoying, dangerous insects can put a wrench in outdoor enjoyment – unless you enroll the help of professional St. Albans mosquito control services.

Mosquito Squad of West St. Louis County provides the best outdoor pest control services in St. Albans. While our business was founded on mosquito control with our original mosquito barrier treatment, we also treat for a variety of other outdoor pests including ticks, gnats, wasps, flies, stink bugs, and more.

St. Albans Mosquito Control Services

Mosquito Squad has served the St. Louis area for twenty years. Our mosquito barrier treatment was at the forefront of allowing families to freely enjoy their yards. With less reliance on stinky sprays, pungent candles, and screened in rooms – backyard fun and relaxation can be more spontaneous and freer.

Our mosquito barrier treatment is applied by highly trained pest control technicians. We treat the perimeter of your property, blasting the treatment into the underbrush where it can adhere to the vegetation where mosquitoes are most likely to take refuge. The time-released formula lasts for up to three weeks, reducing mosquitoes by as much as 90%.

While most of our clients find mosquito control most beneficial for the annoyance factor, we’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you of the dangers of mosquito bites. Mosquitoes are the most dangerous animal on Earth. They spread deadly diseases such as West Nile virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Malaria and more. You might be able to deal with an itchy bite here or there, but it only takes one bite from an infected mosquito to potentially disrupt your life. Call our team today for the best mosquito control services.

St. Albans Tick Control Experts

While ticks have historically been in higher volume in the Northern Midwest, they are a fast-growing problem in Missouri. As small as a poppy seed, these disease-carrying, super disgusting insects can attach themselves to you, your kids, or your pets for days at a time. Avoiding ticks can be extremely difficult due to their size and built-in stealth. Tick control is an important way to help yourself.

Help yourself reduce opportunities for finding engorged ticks on your dog or cat. Help yourself reduce tick bites that can lead to dangerous diseases such as Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, Lyme disease, or worse. Call our team today.

St. Albans Outdoor Pest Control Package Options 

At Mosquito Squad, we don’t stop at mosquitoes and ticks. We know there are other insects and outdoor pests that can inhibit your outdoor enjoyment. To help our treasured clients, we have specially formulated add-on outdoor pest control packages to meet your lifestyle.

Choose from the package below, which also include your mosquito control treatments:

Pet Lover’s Pest Control

Pool Owner’s Pest Control

Yard and Shrub Pest Control

Exterior Home Package

Elite Pest Control Package

If you’re ready to enjoy your yard without stinky sprays and fewer gross insects, call Mosquito Squad of West St. Louis County today. As your St. Albans mosquito control provider, we can help enhance your outdoor enjoyment all summer long!



If you are not fully satisfied with your Mosquito Control or Misting System, contact your Mosquito Squad office and we will make it right!

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