Wentzville Mosquito control services is now accepting new customers in West St. Louis County as the mosquito season is about to explode into full force.

This is great news for Wentzville residents who want to be proactive and protect their families with the finest mosquito control available in West St. Louis County. With the heavy rains since April, no doubt the female mosquitoes will be looking for virtually any drop of water they can find to lay their eggs for yet another bumper crop of those awful disease-bearing pests.

Of special concern for Wentzville families who want to venture into their backyards, the St. Louis Encephalitis (SLE) virus is a serious danger. It is spread to St. Louis residents by the bite of an infected mosquito. Some people infected with the SLE virus do not have symptoms. Those who become ill may experience fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, and tiredness.

Wentzville Mosquito Control Services Is The Best Way To Prevent The Spread Of St. Louis Encephalitis And Other Mosquito Diseases

Mosquito Squad is the premier provider of proven and effective St. Louis mosquito control services in Wentzville, with four mosquito control solutions for your home.

1. Traditional Mosquito Control Barrier Treatment: Since 2005, our Wentzville mosquito control services Barrier Treatment has been countless mosquitoes’ worst nightmare. By having us apply our effective mosquito control treatment around your home and backyard, we can kill and keep mosquitoes away for up to 21 days.

2. Natural Mosquito Control Treatment: If you are looking for a natural alternative to chemical mosquito repellents, we have your needs covered with our natural solution, comprised of essential oils that mosquitoes hate. It is non-toxic, non-synthetic, aromatic, and pet and child-friendly.

3. Automatic Mosquito Control Misting Systems: Some homes in Wentzville have the bad luck of being in areas infested with mosquitoes from notable to an extreme. If you need a more continuous mosquito control option, an automatic misting system may be perfect for your property. Our misting systems release a 30-second treatment that fortifies your yard’s protection from mosquitoes 2-4 times each day. 

4. Mosquito Control Special Event Sprays: If you’re planning an outdoor event, you need to address the potential for mosquitoes and other pests in advance. Weddings, graduations, and even birthday parties are better outdoors during the summer months, with Wentzville mosquito control services. About 3-5 days before your event, we’ll use our popular barrier treatment around the entire event space, including the entire lawn, and pay meticulous attention to treating the areas where mosquitoes are likely to be a nuisance.

Mosquito Squad of West St. Louis County is the best choice for all of your outdoor pest control needs, especially mosquitoes, ticks, and gnats. Our mosquito barrier treatment reduces mosquitoes by 85-90% with a time-released formula that lasts up to three weeks. Call our team today to request a free quote for the best Wentzville mosquito control services at your home.



If you are not fully satisfied with your Mosquito Control or Misting System, contact your Mosquito Squad office and we will make it right!

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