St. Louis Pest Control Packages

How do you use your St. Louis yard and property? Who spends the most time outdoors? And what types of insects are of the most significant nuisance to you?

At Mosquito Squad, we have designed pest control packages to meet the most common needs of our clients. While every package includes our original mosquito barrier treatment, each one is ALSO designed to battle the other outdoor pests most likely to be annoying you! From pet lovers to swimming pool owners, we’ve got everyone covered. Check out the list below, and then give us a call to let us know which package you want. We’ll provide a custom quote for your property size.

St. Louis Mosquito Control & Pest Control Packages

Exterior Home Package

Insects: wasps, gnats, spiders, stinkbugs, & mosquitoes

This treatment will be applied to your lawn and the foundation of your home. It will also help to reduce the invasion of nuisance insects such as centipedes and pill bugs.

Pet Lovers Package

Insects: ticks, gnats, flies, & mosquitoes

A full-yard treatment, the goal of this package is to reduce the insects that are attracted to your yard because of your pets. Your dogs and cats are part of the family. Make sure they can enjoy their favorite spaces without biting itchy bugs. Also – reduce the instances of pulling those disgusting ticks off your fur babies.

Yard/Shrub Package

Insects: gnats & mosquitoes.

When our team treats for a yard and shrub package, we mist the lawn every single time we come out! This full-coverage means that in addition to mosquito and gnat reduction, you’ll enjoy fewer creepy crawlies all around.

Pool Owners Package

Insects: wasps, gnats, flies, & mosquitoes

For pool owners, there are quite a few nuisance pests that crawl out of the lawn, onto the pool deck, and make their way to your lounge furniture and even into the swimming pool. When you sign up for the pool package, we’ll treat all around the pool deck to eliminate teensy mites, and other nuisance pests attracted to your pool.

Winter Protection Plan Package

Insects: gnats, ticks, fleas, stink bugs, spiders, pill bugs, wasps

Our Winter Protection Plan Package combines our traditional barrier treatment and a granular treatment that we spread across your yard. This will reduce the ability of the overwintering insects to survive the hiding places they may have found and prevent them from invading the inside of your home for warmth. Choose this treatment package to start your spring off without the excess bugs. 

Elite Package

Insects: ticks, flies, wasps, gnats, stink bugs, spiders, & mosquitoes PLUS winter protection

Our Elite Package includes pest control treatments listed in ALL of the other packages above. We almost called it “everything but the kitchen sink,” but our marketing department vetoed it. No matter what we call it, if you choose it, your outdoor pest control is covered! We’ve got your house, your yard, and even winter protection built right in so you can sign up and forget about it!

Are none of these packages checking the exact right boxes for your lifestyle and backyard use? We customize our pest control packages. You can choose a la carte. Just give our team a call and let us know what your goals are and what pests you are concerned about, and we’ll work up a custom package JUST FOR YOU!



If you are not fully satisfied with your Mosquito Control or Misting System, contact your Mosquito Squad office and we will make it right!

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