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Custom Mosquito Control Solutions in West St. Louis & St. Charles for Every Home & Property

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Custom Mosquito Control Solutions in West St. Louis & St. Charles for Every Home & Property

December 20, 2023

When you think of professional mosquito and tick control, what’s the image in your head? A technician with mister strapped on his back makes his way around the perimeter of your yard, finds the obvious hiding spaces, sprays there too, then hops in his truck and leaves? For most homes, this mosquito barrier protection is extremely effective, but if it’s not right for your needs we have some great news. Mosquito Squad of West St. Louis County is not your one-size-fits-all mosquito and tick control company. We are so much more.

Creating Custom Mosquito Solutions For Specific Needs

West St. Louis County is full of different sizes and types of homesteads. And every property is utilized in a unique way. Check out a few examples of our customized mosquito control solutions:

Mosquito Control for Hobby Farms

boy with dog in yardLet’s take for example the hobby farm with a couple of large vegetable gardens and a handful of farm animals such as goats or chickens. Collecting rainwater to reuse for plant watering in your sustainable garden is a wonderful and popular way to reuse our resources, however standing water is also a known breeding ground for mosquitoes. In these situations a larvicide can eliminate those mosquitoes before they even make it to the adult stage. Larvicides are also perfect for small ponds across any farm area.

On this same farm however, the stable area is going to need a different approach. Most likely the stables would benefit from an automatic mosquito misting system to protect the animals from mosquitoes. Misting systems automatically mist twice per day and also feature a smartphone app for manual mist whenever you need extra.

Extra Protection for Outdoor Entertaining

Now let’s look at a completely different scenario: A family, highly sensitive to mosquito bites, with a large yard, pool, and very developed area for outdoor entertaining. The area that is closest to the house and used often for entertaining needs our misting system for constant control. As you move out into the less utilized, outer-lying area of the yard, the barrier treatment provides perfect protection.

Our mosquito control program, is designed to meet your needs.

Completely different home living, completely different needs, but whether it’s a misting system, barrier treatment, or larvicide, the point here is that at Mosquito Squad of West St. Louis County we have the exact mixed approach for each outdoor living space. We are here to create the best solution for you! Call us today.