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Ticks – getting to the source of the problem.

Posted by Mosquito Squad

May 8, 2013

At Mosquito Squad  we use our barrier treatment and tick tubes as part of our tick abatement program.  These tick tubes work by killing the ticks at their source. Each tick tube contains material treated with permethrin. Rodents gather this material and use it to build their nests,  which is how the tick is exposed to and eliminated by the permethrin.  This helps us to stop the cycle of disease before it can be transmitted to humans and their pets.

The material causes no harm to mice or other mammals, and have proved highly beneficial to tick control in areas all over the country. The tick tubes are environmentally friendly, and are approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).  Attacking the tick at the source with our tick tubes reduces the chance of you or your family being exposed to a Lyme disease carrying tick.

What can you do? Keep you yard and areas around it trimmed and free of brush piles or clippings.  These are good preventative steps.  Also, avoid wooded and densely brushy areas which are hot spots for tick activity. Always check yourself and your pets after each encounter with any wooded or grassy areas.

Contact Mosquito Squad  to find out more about tick control and ways to prevent ticks and tick-borne illness in your neck of the woods.