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Pest Control In the Winter

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Pest Control In the Winter

December 20, 2023

We are blessed to enjoy a cozy, warm home during the cold months. Some pests go into hibernation, while others are seeking refuge from the cold and looking for a warm place to take up residence. There are some tips we can offer, both outside and inside, to help reduce the number of home invaders this Winter. Accuweather also shares their thoughts on keeping bugs out this winter as well.


  • store firewood away from the house
  • keep trash and recyclables in stored covered containers
  • eliminate debris and rotting wood in your yard
  • eliminate standing water where possible
  • keep trees and shrubs trimmed
  • be sure to turn outside water off and store garden hoses
  • make sure gutters are draining properly away from home


  • sweep and mop floors regularly
  • wipe counter tops daily
  • avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink
  • trash should be kept in a covered can and taken out regularly
  • be sure to store food in covered containers
  • check for any holes and cracks and be sure to seal
  • check thresholds around doors and windows
There are many DIY tips and tricks offering preventative measures for Winter Pest Control. Be proactive and keep unwanted pests out!   Mosquito Squad is here to help Fight the Bite! Be sure to visit our website. Secure your pest control today for 2019- Early Renewal options won't last long!