Do Mosquitoes really play Genetic Favorites?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

May 27, 2016

We have customers call us frequently claiming that mosquitoes are very attracted to them, far more than the average person. A recent article in “The Scientist” drives the idea home that people who say mosquitoes just “love them” are really onto something. The article talks about a new study of a dozen pairs of twins where it was found that genetics often play a major role in whose blood a mosquito chooses to bite. In the study, twins that were identical were similar in their level of attractiveness to mosquitoes and fraternal twins that were not were different in their level of attractiveness. In the study, colleagues compared mosquitoes’ attraction of 18 pairs of identical twins and 19 pairs of fraternal twins by having the siblings stick their hands in either side of a Y-shaped tube.  This goes to show that mosquitoes do show preference and are genetically persuaded.

Also, female mosquitoes have been found to be more attracted to pregnant women than others, and people infected with the malaria parasite appear to attract the most insects during the period of the parasite’s life cycle. In addition, some people seem to give off a different scent to others. This new study suggests a genetic basis for this different scent as well.

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