Can A Phone Be Used To Repel Mosquitoes?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

January 24, 2018

Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and CANDY CRUSH! Guess what – soon your phone could possibly protect you from mosquitoes!

The new LG K7i, which is being launched by the South Korean firm, is embedded with technology to repel mosquitoes.  Ultrasonic waves will be emitted through the grid located on the back of the phone.  These waves are not harmful to humans but effective as a repellent to pests.  Spec Wise,  it is a entry level smartphone that is being aimed at the masses  on a budget.  Additionally, this mosquito cover can easily be removed and swapped out for a regular back cover if the feature is not being utilized.

Other LG products, such as air conditioners, washing machines, and TV’s are currently on the market and utilizing this “mosquito away” technology.

At the current time, this Android phone has a price tag of 7.990 rupees ($122).  LG is considering rolling it out into other countries.

In an article posted on CNN’s tech page,  Amit Gujral, LG’s chief marketing officer in India, told CNN Money that “The company has set a benchmark for ensuring the health of Indian consumers.

The LG K7i has shown in clinical trials to have a 72% success rate as a repellent for mosquitoes.

India has spent $733 million dollars on home insecticides just last year.

There is no convincing scientific evidence which proves that mosquitoes are repelled by high-frequency sound.  Users are urged to use additional measures.  Although there are mosquito repellent apps available, this is the first time a phone maker has dedicated the build in hardware.