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Summertime treats!

Posted by Mosquito Squad

May 13, 2011

Isn’t it funny how great recipes  seem to surface at different times of the year?  I get it and all,  it gets cold – we want to be warm so outcome the crock pots and roasters.  We hit 65 degrees and then its corn on the cob and fruit salads.

That got me thinking so I thought I would ask about your favorite recipes or thoughts on seasonal foods that you enjoy during the summer months.

One of my favorites is a Fruit Parfait of sorts.   The recipe can be doctored however you like but here’ are the main ingredients I roll with for roughly 5 servings.  Fruit (lots of fruit!!) I go with Raspberries, strawberries, black berries – any berry, Yogurt (strawberry or again any berry), a package of similar flavored Jell-o, whipped cream/topping and lastly cookies.  You can use Nilla wafers, pecan sandies, oreos, or whatever you like.  I tend to go with one of those three – but graham crackers are also a good choice.   Mix Jell-o, yogurt and whipped topping together  (now called the mixture).   Break cookies into little bits (little smaller than bite size).  Then I do a layer of the berries, a layer of the mixture and then sprinkle on some cookies and then repeat .  Voila!!!

It is a simple quick and easy  treat that people love!

Let me know what you think & send me your suggestions!