Outdoor Entertaining – Game Ideas

Posted by Mosquito Squad

June 5, 2013

If you’re looking for some fun ideas to keep you family and guest entertained here are  a few things we’ve picked up over the years that we’ve enjoyed.

For the “Big” kids:

Bean Bag Toss,  Ladder ball (my new favorite) ,  Disc Golf,  Horseshoes, Bocce, Croquet.  We also love throwing theme parties – lately we’ve been doing “Everything is better with ____” where the “it” can change.  The last one we did bacon, so everyone made a dish that included bacon.  Items can be judged for places or prizes.  Everyone loved getting involved.

For the kids:

One game the kids love to play outside when it’s hot is Balloon squash.  We pre-fill balloons and have the kids throw on their bathing suits.  Split the kids into teams and line them up 1 from each team. Place 2 balloons at multiple spots in your yard and  then each player must sit on it until it pops. Then they run back and tag the next player to go. First team to be sitting down after all their balloons are squashed wins.

For dryer ideas you may want to stick with classics like Capture the flag, Kick the can , Blind Tag, Blob tag or just a good old fashion game of Hide and Seek!

Mosquito Squad can make sure you can play games and enjoy you friends and family – with out worrying about pesky mosquitoes or ticks.  Call us today to find out  about our Barrier Treatment Protection Plans!