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Grilling tips

Posted by Mosquito Squad

June 19, 2012

Grilling is the simplest, most basic cooking method there is. All you really need is food and fire. But other things can help: the right ingredients, the right equipment, and the right recipe.

Couple tips to make sure you’re starting out on the right foot.

  • First and most important only grill outdoors.  They should never be used inside your house or an enclosed space due the the emission of carbon monoxide.  Remember to also keep pest and kids away from a hot grill
  • Make sure you have enough fuel.  Having a spare tank of propane or extra bag of charcoal is always a good idea!
  • Make sure your grill is level and clean.  Make sure Ashes and debris are not blocking vents.
  • Preheat.  Gas or Charcoal – give yourself enough time to get the grill to the proper heat.
  • Use the proper tools.  One we can’t live with out is our chimney starter.  It easily and efficiently light and heat charcoal before adding to the grill.  Get yourself a good set Tongs – make sure you have the proper amount of control while keeping your hands far enough from the fire.  A durable spatula, brushes and a great lighter, long gloves and a bristle cleaning brush.  These are the basics to ensure your grilling success.

Now that you have the basics, here are some tips we follow for cooking.

  • Don’t start testing the food the minute you put it on the heat! This includes picking it up to see if it’s done on the bottom, moving it around, and turning it over every ten seconds. Give it a chance to cook and sear on the bottom so that it naturally pulls away from the grates and doesn’t stick. If you try to move the food before it’s seared on the bottom, it will definitely stick.
  • Don’t cut into your food to see if it’s done.  Doing so allows the juices to come pouring out and the food dries out on the grill. As it cooks, it becomes firmer and firmer, so test it by poking it with your finger.  The rule of “the longer it cooks, the firmer it gets” also holds true for fish and poultry.  A rare steak feels squishy; a medium steak feels more springy; a well-done steak feels as taut as a trampoline.
  •  Meat and poultry should rest for at least a few minutes before slicing or serving. Doing so allows the juices to thicken and they’ll stay in the meat. Cover it up with foil and let it rest for a few minutes. Fish does not need to rest and should be served immediately, as it loses heat very quickly.
  •  When in doubt, it’s better to under cook than overcook. You can always put food back on the fire if you need to.

Now you’re ready to start grilling.  Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your feast, Mosquito Squad can take care of that for you!