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Kris Kristofferson: Tested Positive for Lyme disease

Posted by Mosquito Squad

July 20, 2016

Who would of thought that when filming the movie “Disappearances” in Vermont, Kris Kristofferson would contract Lyme disease from a tick as he crawled around the forest floor? In last month’s Rolling Stone article, it was addressed how singer/songwriter Kristofferson had been suffering from continued memory loss in recent years. At first, doctors thought it was Alzheimer’s or dementia. Then, early this year a doctor tested him for Lyme. It came back positive.  

The sad thing about it is that he was taking all these medications for things he didn’t have and they had a lot of side effects. That’s the problem with Lyme– so many people are misdiagnosed at first. His wife said that after he gave up his Alzheimer’s and depression pills and went through a few weeks of Lyme disease treatment, he was back to his old self.  She said there are still bad days but some days he’s perfectly normal and it’s easy to forget he is battling anything.

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