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My wife and I partnered with Kelly and her husband after a particular vacation we had at the NJ shore. We were staying at a very nice inn near the beach when after dinner we decided to sit out on the deck to enjoy the evening. We were not out there long before we got several bites from mosquitoes. We only got to enjoy the evening outside for a few minutes before we headed back in. Once back home in Pa on our own deck and setting up all the candles and bug sprays and still getting bitten we began to research companies that handled outdoor mosquito control. We found that a lot of lawn companies handled mosquito control as an add on service but that very few companies handled just mosquitoes and ticks (we have dogs and were always concerned with ticks). Call Mosquito Squad of Upper Bucks today at (610) 365-4700!

That is when we ran across Mosquito Squad and decided to check it out. It turns out they are very good at making backyards usable again, so we decided to buy a franchise and try to help others enjoy their outdoor spaces like we now do.

Give us a call and take back your yard.

Contact the team at Mosquito Squad of Upper Bucks today for a free estimate: (610) 365-4700. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!