Fight the Bite by Providing Your Mosquitoes with Birth Control!

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Fight the Bite by Providing Your Mosquitoes with Birth Control!

December 20, 2023

Spread by the bite of infected mosquitoes, Malaria is responsible for 725,000 deaths each year! Avoiding mosquito bites is the most effective way to stay safe. The challenge to stop Malaria means that no rock is being left unturned in finding more and better options for fighting off mosquitoes.

Mosquito Birth Control

Dr. Roger Miesfeld has been working with his team at the University of Arizona for more than 15 years on creating mosquito birth control.

The product, “Eggshell Organizing Factor 1” – a genetic factor – will make the eggs of the female mosquito unviable.

Three main benefits of this product are:

  1. The mosquitoes can’t grow resistant to it.
  2. The effects can be cumulative. When fewer mosquitoes are able to reproduce, there are fewer mosquitoes to produce future generations.
  3. The product only affects mosquitoes.

The team says the product will be misted and can be utilized on bed nets and other areas where mosquitoes are sure to congregate. They are within 5-10 years of trials for the product but are right now treating mosquitoes in the lab directly.

Mosquito Control NOW

As researchers around the world continue to find new solutions to fighting mosquitoes and the diseases they spread, Mosquito Squad continues our support of Malaria No More. A portion of every sale goes to Malaria No More to aid in the fight against Malaria.

Mosquito Control in Minneapolis

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