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Blaine Mosquito Control Services

Man and child fishing in Blaine, MNBlaine, Minnesota residents love to get outdoors. But we don’t love to get chased in by biting mosquitoes and gross ticks. But, it just so happens that the best five months of the year for enjoying our over 65 parks, coincide with the same five months of mosquito season. So, what is a Blainian to do?

Mosquito Squad is passionate about helping you enjoy your backyard and outdoor spaces with effective mosquito control services. When you are at home, hosting a backyard barbecue, swimming in the pool with the kids, or otherwise, we can make sure you don’t have the annoyance or the danger of swarming, biting, mosquitoes. Imagine staying out all day and well into the evening all summer long without stinky mist, candles or torches that don’t work; and without mosquitoes picking you up and carrying you away. This can be your reality with our mosquito barrier treatment.

Blaine Backyard Mosquito Treatment

Our #1 mosquito control service in the Blaine area is the same great product our company was founded on. Our time-released barrier treatment is applied by a certified technician with a high-power mister. They will mist your entire yard, paying especially close attention to areas where mosquitoes are most likely to congregate and areas where you like to spend time.

The product eliminates mosquitoes on contact and adheres to the vegetation, so it continues to eliminate mosquitoes for three weeks. With our seasonal program, you’ll automatically get your next treatment on a three-week schedule. The results? You’ll enjoy 85-90% fewer mosquitoes and adult ticks in your yard.

We do however advise you to take the same precautions as you normally would when spending time in untreated or public outdoor recreational areas such as golfing at TPC Twin Cities or soccer practice at the National Sports Center. Of course, we do offer commercial mosquito control and tick control treatment but protecting yourself from mosquito and tick bites fall under the category of “better safe than sorry,” unless you specifically know the place you are visiting has been treated.

Mosquito Squad of Twin Cities Services

In addition to our beloved mosquito barrier treatment, we offer several other options for mosquito control and additional tick control services in Blaine.

Special Event Mosquito Treatment

A one-time treatment, we treat your entire event space the morning of or the day before so that you can enjoy a completely mosquito-free event. Our event treatment also eliminates most other flying insects on contact so if you’re worried about flies or otherwise, we are your best choice. We highly recommend this service for outdoor weddings, reunions, graduations parties and more.

NaturalMosquito Control Services

Some homeowners require alternative mosquito prevention. For them, we offer natural mosquito control that is made from essential oils. This product is applied the same way our barrier treatment is applied, but it repels mosquitoes for 14 days at a time, in which we’ll come back and reapply.

Intensive Blaine Tick Control

Mosquito Squad’s barrier treatment eliminates adult ticks as well as mosquitoes. But, for the best tick control, we recommend the addition of our tick tubes. Placed around your property in strategic locations twice per year, tick tubes eliminate young ticks while nesting in dens with mice. Tick tubes prevent thousands of ticks from ever becoming nymph or adult ticks who could then come out and embed themselves in us or our pets – spreading disease.

Are you ready to take back your yard for the season? Call Mosquito Squad of Twin Cities today for the best Blaine mosquito control and tick control available.



If you are not fully satisfied with your Mosquito Control or Misting System, contact your Mosquito Squad office and we will make it right!

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