Why Choose us as Your Twin Cities Tick Tube Experts

Are you familiar with tick tubes for long-term tick control on your property?

Tick tubes are a great way to combat ticks when they are in the larval or nymph stage before they have a chance to pass dangerous diseases to humans. Tick tubes are specifically effective at lowering Lyme disease rates as they eliminate large numbers of tick larva inside the dens of their rodent hosts. Rodents are where most ticks become infected with Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.

What Makes Mosquito Squad the Best Tick Tube Provider?

Tick tubes sound so simple that many believe they can offer this service effectively. But, at Mosquito Squad, we know ticks. And that is the difference.

We know ticks.

We are not just picking up product and following the instructions. We KNOW ticks. We understand their behavior, their habitats, their life-cycle and how the weather can affect it all. This makes our custom tick tube placement more effective.

Our highly-trained technicians know ticks.

To make sure your tick tubes work as best as they can. Our highly-trained and certified technicians will assess your property to ensure tick tubes are in the most precise locations for maximum results. They’ll look for signs of rodent traffic and find great hiding places you might not realize are a superhighway for mice and chipmunks.

Our proprietary product is the best at tick elimination.

Out tick tubes are the best! We wouldn’t have it any other way. The cotton material inside is treated with the perfect blend of insecticides to quickly eliminate ticks while not harming their rodent hosts. By keeping their host alive, we allow for more ticks to enter the den of destruction, where they will never emerge to seek blood meals from humans.

Our Most Popular Barrier Treatment

We don’t just place tick tubes. While we are at your property, we also treat it for currently active adult ticks with our beloved traditional barrier treatment. We blast it in the underbrush and everywhere ticks like to mingle. You’ll enjoy fewer ticks immediately and long-term.

We place tick tubes twice per year. And for the most effective tick control, we recommend partaking in our seasonal barrier treatments throughout the summer months.

If you’re not sure about tick tubes and want to know more, call the experts at our office today. Not only do we know ticks, everyone who works for us knows ticks, and are happy to answer any and all of your questions. Don’t wait, tick tubes placed in the fall are the best weapon against the spring tick infestation.

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