Increase in Tick Research Funding Indicates Tick Season Severity

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Increase in Tick Research Funding Indicates Tick Season Severity

December 20, 2023

Halfway through September, we are approaching the final moments of summer weather. Leaves will soon begin to change, and so will our time in the outdoors as the cooler seasons replace the stifling summer heat. Although summer’s end is often a melancholy farewell to vacations and outdoor activities, this time of year is also a relief. As you know, residents of the Northeast have more to contend with during the summer months than those in other regions in the United States. Although other areas in the country deal with comparable numbers of ticks, these tiny arachnids are especially dangerous in our part of the world.

Amherst tick control is an important fall consideration

Due to various factors like a lengthening tick season and ample food sources, ticks often carry dangerous diseases in Massachusetts, with Lyme disease being the main issue. Every year in the U.S., somewhere between 300,000 to 400,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme disease, and a disproportionately large patient population is found in the Northeast. A few kinds of ticks live in MA, but the main concern is the deer tick, which is the typical Lyme disease carrier. Experts have been sounding the alarm about ticks and Lyme disease for years, and the federal government has begun to involve itself in this critical issue.

Two months ago in July, UMass Amherst received funding of 10 million dollars over 5 years to be invested in research aimed at curbing tick and mosquito-borne diseases. Over the years, research has indicated that the spread of such diseases in our communities may become more common, and we must take steps to defend ourselves. Outdoor living shouldn’t be a stressful activity that could endanger your health. With ticks potentially around until October, make sure you are defended with professional tick control.

Where to find expert Amherst tick control

At Mosquito Squad, we’ve worked for nearly twenty years to ensure our customers are defended against ticks and the diseases they can carry. With the help of our highly trained technicians and our tick barrier protection treatments, we can guarantee a serious reduction in the tick population on your property. Effective for up to 21 days, reapplications every two to three weeks until fall’s conclusion will keep you defended against the remaining ticks in your yard. Keeping your outdoor living experience happy and healthy is more important than ever.

Ticks can be a threat to health even in October. For professional Amherst tick control you can rely on, look to the experts at Mosquito Squad of Springfield. Give us a call at (413) 418-3359.