Outdoor Living Has Returned: Defend It with Amherst Tick Control

tick on a blade of grass

After a long and cold winter, spring has finally returned! There are few things as satisfying as the joy we feel when we step outside into the warmth of spring, and there is so much to plan. Picnics, gardening, relaxation, gatherings, and long walks enjoying the fresh green foliage are all staples of the season. However, there are creatures out there that are looking to rain on your parade. In general, bugs are irritating companions of the warmer weather, and some are even dangerous to your health. Ticks are prolific in the Northeast, and their feeding behavior is responsible for transmitting diseases to thousands across the country every year. How can such a small, unassuming creature contribute to so much suffering?

Ticks rely on blood to survive, making them a parasite. For up to 10 days, ticks can remain attached to their victims, but it only takes 24-48 hours for a tick to pass on Lyme disease, the most common vector-borne disease in the United States. Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis, Heartland virus, and others are also transmittable by ticks, which means you need to stay wary of these tiny arachnids. Much like a used syringe, ticks are incredibly unsanitary and freely go from victim to victim, passing on pathogens as they go. Unfortunately for us, ticks are largely indiscriminate in what they choose to feed on, and we are on the menu this spring and summer. Although ticks are difficult to see in the wild without setting traps, rest assured they are there. Due to warming climate conditions, tick populations are going to rapidly increase in the coming months, so it is important you are prepared. Mosquito Squad can help!

Mosquito Squad is your source for tick control in Amherst

Your health is incredibly important, but who can you trust to defend you from ticks? For nearly 20 years, around the founding of the tick control industry, Mosquito Squad has worked tirelessly to confront the tick hordes we face each year. Our barrier protection treatment, which lasts for up to 21 days, is a proven method of tick control that will bring you peace of mind throughout the warmer months. With an occasional treatment every 2-3 weeks, you can enjoy your spring and summer without worries.

Ticks and their diseases have returned. To defend against these tiny arachnids and their pathogens, consult Mosquito Squad of Springfield for Amherst tick control. Give us a call at (413) 418-3359.