Searching for safe, reliable pest treatment in the Wilbraham area that covers mosquitos, ticks, and fleas? Mosquito Squad technicians in Wilbraham are ready and waiting for a chance to help protect your family against pest peril!

Mosquito Control in Wilbraham, MA

Mosquitos are relentless pests that leave itchy, angry bites all over their victims, spreading illness from host to host. Mosquito Squad firmly believes that the only good mosquito is a dead one, and we are committed to helping you reduce up to 85-90% of your property’s mosquito swarm for up to 3 weeks at a time with our traditional barrier spray method or natural essential-oil based spray method.

Tick Control in Wilbraham, MA 

Mosquito Squad’s traditional barrier treatment offers dual protection mosquito control and tick control. Choose Mosquito Squad tick control confidently, knowing that your children and pets can safely resume playing outside just 30 minutes after treatment is completed. While most believe ticks are a seasonal threat, Mosquito Squad knows that these pests are a year-round presence. Our technicians will inspect your property for tick breeding grounds and target those places when treating your home.

Why Mosquito Squad of Wilbraham, MA

Mosquito Squad Wilbraham offers safe, practical, and affordable pest control in the Springfield area. We have nearly two decades of proven results and are up to date on the latest and greatest in mosquito, tick, and flea control methods and technologies. We believe passionately in our customers’ experience. If you are not satisfied with your first treatment, give us a call within 21 days, and we will re-treat your property against pests at no additional charge.

Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Wilbraham, MA, for Pet Health

Often, people do not even know they have a mosquito or tick infestation until their pets come in with bites or other evidence. It can be incredibly dangerous to risk bringing these insects into your home, as mosquitoes carry illnesses and even chronic diseases that can affect both humans and animals. Call Mosquito Squad today for a free consultation inspection of your home, and say good riddance to mosquitoes today.

Fly, Spider, Roach, Ant, Gnat, Beetle, Spotted Lantern Fly, & Stink Bug Control in Wilbraham, MA

It’s no secret that our area of the country is a bug haven. Mosquito Squad is one of the largest and most respected pest control companies in New England, offering treatments against multiple types of annoying critters.

Flies are among the nastiest of all pests, known to pass over 200 types of pathogens and parasites to both humans and animals alike. Common causes of fly infestations can range from improper garbage disposal, standing waste water, or poor drainage. There are many natural fly deterrents, such as fire smoke and certain herbs; however, your most efficient option is to call on professional fly control services from a trusted partner like Mosquito Squad of Wilbraham.

If you’re dealing with other pests, such as spiders, roaches, ants, gnats, beetles, spotted lantern flies, or stink bugs, Mosquito Squad can help! Utilize our inclusive treatments that take care of a variety of pests, leaving your yard and home more comfortable and enjoyable for your family to enjoy. 

Mosquito Squad in Wilbraham, MA 

Mosquito Squad Wilbraham’s services are smart, secure, and innovative. Our company’s long history of building client relationships has enabled us to perfect our mosquito control and tick control methods, giving us a tried-and-true edge. Choose Mosquito Squad of Wilbraham for thorough problem area assessment and long-lasting treatment you can trust. 


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