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Antioch mosquito & tick control

Who We Are: Mosquito Squad of Southern WI, Serving Antioch, Wisconsin

Mosquitoes can steal your yard from you faster than most people realize. This forces you inside and can keep you from truly enjoying your summer months in the backyard. This isn't something that you should have to deal with, however. That's where Mosquito Squad of Southern WI comes in. By offering services like our natural mosquito protection and barrier control we can help to remove these mosquitoes from your yard while preventing them from coming back in the future.

Mosquito Control in Antioch, Wisconsin

Most people tend to think of mosquitoes as nuisance animals. They're annoying to be around and deal with, which for many people is enough reason to try and eliminate them from your yard. However, mosquitoes are also incredibly dangerous, spreading diseases throughout the world. So, when you call in a mosquito treatment company like Mosquito Squad of Southern WI, you're not just going to get rid of what is commonly thought of as the most annoying animal, but a genuinely unsafe one to interact with regularly.

Tick Control in Antioch, Wisconsin

Ticks can be massive issues if they are able to bite you. Similar to mosquitoes, they spread diseases when they bite people. However, and unlike mosquito bites, a tick bite can be difficult to notice, making them particularly dangerous. Luckily, when you choose a great backyard mosquito treatment, it doesn't just treat the mosquito problem in your yard, but will work to eliminate ticks and pests like them as well. Mosquito Squad of Southern WI is one of those companies whose service protects against both.

NaturalMosquito Control in Antioch, Wisconsin

At Mosquito Squad of Southern WI, we offer an natural mosquito treatment to treat your yard. This is a popular option for a few reasons. For one, many people are choosing to bring in a mosquito control treatment to make sure that their yard is free of potential disease and safer to be in. Those chemicals make it less safe to use and can also create environmental issues when they runoff into streams, after it rains. By choosing an natural mosquito treatment, you won't have to worry about those potentially harmful chemicals damaging your yard or anyone who is spending time in it, like a child or a pet.

Why Mosquito Squad of Southern WI

One of the most important reasons to choose Mosquito Squad of Southern WI is that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our services. It works like this, if you are still dealing with mosquitoes and other pests after we treatment, we can come out and treatment again within the first three weeks. If you still aren't satisfied, then we can come out and remove the system for you up to sixty days from the initial installation.

For more information on how Mosquito Squad of Southern WI can help you retake control of your yard from ticks and mosquitoes, call (630) 521-3303 today.



If you are not fully satisfied with your Mosquito Control or Misting System, contact your Mosquito Squad office and we will make it right!

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