Tiverton Mosquito Control: When, Where To Start?

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Tiverton Mosquito Control: When, Where To Start?

December 20, 2023

Tiverton mosquito control should be on your springtime to-do list, and now is the time to plan for your annual mosquito misting regimen.

If you are like most of us, you are anxiously anticipating springtime at your Tiverton, Rhode Island, abode. There are a few points of concern when it comes to planning your springtime improvement and maintenance rituals and dealing with wretched mosquito bites is one. Tiverton mosquito control should at the top of your to-do list.

When should you begin your Tiverton mosquito control sprays?

We spring forward on Sunday, March 13. One week later, springtime begins. The average April daytime temperature in Tiverton is a welcome 59°F. Did you know that when temperatures rise consistently above 45 degrees, mosquitoes will be on the move? And female mosquitoes will have one thing in mind – getting their blood meal. They are non-discriminate about where that meal originates. But if you are outside your home performing springtime chores, you will be a prime target. You see, when we work, we also breathe heavily and sweat. Female mosquitoes’ built-in homing device will find you first from every exhaled breath. Then, she will take her visual cue, seeing red undertones in your skin, being further enticed by dark colors you might be wearing. All while anticipating the salty-sweet taste of human blood. For this reason, your first mosquito misting in Tiverton should take place before you spend warm days working outside your home. A great rule of thumb is to begin in April.

Where to start with your Tiverton mosquito protection?

Many of our clients errantly try to start landscaping and exterior upkeep using only personal mosquito protection mist. While we recommend using DEET, your best bet is to first reduce the number of mosquitoes you might encounter. The way to do that is by calling Mosquito Squad of Rhode Island for trusted professional Tiverton mosquito control. Our highly trained technicians will not simply apply mosquito barrier treatment, but they will walk through your property to identify any potential mosquito breeding hot spots to eliminate them. They’ll explain our 7 T’s of mosquito control, so you can help keep your property from becoming a mosquito breeding ground. This full-scale approach will help see you through spring’s revival, summertime fun, and the autumn wind-down.

Trust Mosquito Squad to begin your springtime Tiverton mosquito control solutions – guaranteed protection since 2005. Call us today at (401) 825-0110 to schedule your first mosquito barrier treatment of the year.