Tiverton Mosquito Control: Mosquitoes Myths and Facts

mosquito biting person

We have all seen various mosquito "facts" make their way through social media. When it comes to Tiverton mosquito control and protection, it is incumbent on the experts at Mosquito Squad to decipher fact from fiction.

Mosquito bites are at least annoying, at worst, life threatening. When they emerge in the springtime, reproducing at rates of 300 at a time, we humans tend to search for sure-fire methods of protection from bites. We have written in the past about supposed special diets that repel mosquitoes. What are some other ineffective mosquito repellents? What other types of myths are circulating through the Internet? Can you discern fact from fiction in the following questions and statements?

Do dryer sheets repel mosquitoes?

There is no science to back up the effectiveness of dryer sheets as mosquito repellents. In theory, an ingredient used in citronella candles is also used in certain brands of dryer sheets. Scientists have studied dryer sheets' ability to repel gnats, and to a degree, they worked. Some scientists theorize that dryer sheets could work as a repellent, but on the whole, they would likely not be very effective. If you have ever used a citronella candle or tried to plant lemongrass to keep mosquitoes away, think of the level of effectiveness achieved. Neither of those is optimally effective on a large scale. It would take a lot of dryer sheets to potentially shew away mosquitoes from their most beloved prey - YOU. If you would like effective mosquito repellent, your best bet is DEET away from home, or Mosquito Squad’s natural mosquito control formula, which is comprised of an essential oils base.

If you have bats around your property, you have all the mosquito control you need.

While bats do eat mosquitoes, research shows that they prefer other insects, such as dragonflies. Bats will eat mosquitoes if they cannot find something better, but they choose mosquitoes one time out of 100. We know that dragonflies are natural mosquito predators. In theory, if you have bats around your home, they could work to increase your mosquito populations.

Humans can infect mosquitoes with diseases.

This sounds far-fetched, but science tells us that some mosquito-borne illnesses can incubate in human blood and be passed to an uninfected mosquito. Both malaria and dengue parasites can live in humans, who remain asymptomatic, and later pass the parasite to a mosquito. That mosquito in turn, passes infection on to other humans. It is actually known that most cases of dengue are the result of asymptomatic transmission.

Mosquitoes are not an issue unless you live by a body of water.

While mosquitoes love swamps and ponds, they do not require them to live. Water is required for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs, but it only takes a minuscule amount. If you have potted plants, bird baths, or even a bottle cap lying around your yard, they can become a mosquito breeding ground. If you have potted plants indoors, they too, could be mosquito habitats! You should get rid of potential stagnant water receptacles and employ professional Tiverton mosquito control in the spring, summer, and fall.

All mosquitoes are dangerous to humans.

While we know of 200 species of mosquitoes bite humans, that is a very small number compared to the 3,500 known species. We also know that female mosquitoes are human biters, while males simply seek plant nectar meals.

Mosquitoes prefer to bite pregnant women.

Well...yes and no. They do not prefer to bite pregnant women because they are pregnant. Much the same way, they bite runners, who sweat and produce more heat and carbon dioxide, they might also bite a pregnant woman over a non-pregnant woman. Mosquito-borne illnesses, such as Zika are very dangerous to pregnant women and their unborn children. If you are pregnant, you should always use personal mosquito protection outdoors as recommended by your physician.

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