Mosquito Bite Prevention, The Key to Preventing the Spread of West Nile Virus

mosquito biting a human

The state of Rhode Island concluded mosquito testing in October. What were the key findings?

In August, we wrote about these crucial mosquito sample tests. At that time, there were no reported cases of human West Nile virus in Rhode Island. Unfortunately, at the conclusion, not only were mosquito samples infected with West Nile, but one human case was confirmed in Rhode Island. The first confirmed human case in our state in three years.

Mosquito tests yielded good news and bad.

Approximately 2,600 mosquitoes were tested during the four-month effort. Of those, only six tested positive for West Nile virus. That’s the bad news. The good news is, that none of the mosquitoes tested had a positive result for Eastern equine encephalitis, also known as EEE. Because EEE has a 30% mortality rate, these results are fantastic news.

What does the state of Rhode Island recommend for prevention of West Nile virus?

It is still likely for Rhode Island residents to encounter a disease-carrying mosquito during the fall months. Experts say that even though we see fewer mosquitoes during this time, we are more likely to be bitten by one that is infected. And because it’s cold outside, mosquitoes will inevitably seek shelter indoors – inside your homes and businesses.

Mosquito bite prevention is the most effective method of mosquito-borne disease protection. We must remain vigilant from springtime through late autumn, extending our professional Pawtucket mosquito control through the end of October. Mosquito Squad of Rhode Island will be at the ready next spring, to begin protecting your home and family with our highly effective mosquito control barrier protection treatment.

How effective is our Pawtucket mosquito control?

If you enlist Mosquito Squad of Rhode Island to treat your yard for mosquitoes every two to three weeks, you can expect to have the number of mosquitoes reduced from 85 to 90%. With that vast reduction in mosquitoes, you will be further protected from the threat of mosquito-borne viruses, such as West Nile and Eastern equine encephalitis. We offer two varieties of mosquito protection. The first is a traditional, EPA-registered formula that begins eliminating mosquitoes on contact and continues eliminating them for about 21 days. The second is a natural solution, formulated with essential oils, which will drive mosquitoes away from your home and property for about 14 days.

If you have questions about starting your professional mosquito control services with Mosquito Squad of Rhode Island, we are here for you! You can connect with us right here to discuss your mosquito control options.