Are Tick and Mosquito Yard Spray the Same?

a picture of a tick and mosquito

If you are looking for Charlestown tick control and mosquito control, you will be pleased to know that our tick and mosquito yard sprays are the same.

As wonderful as it is to be in the throes of springtime, there is a downside to warm weather in Charlestown. Actually, there are two negative aspects of beautiful weather in Rhode Island. Ticks and mosquitoes. As such, we must be vigilant in protecting our outdoor spaces from mosquito and tick invasions. No one enjoys the buzzing and whirring of hungry female mosquitoes; nor do they enjoy the thought of having a blood-thirsty tick attached to their skin. Add to that, both pests carry potentially harmful diseases.

Our Charlestown mosquito control and tick control solution is not simply about yard mist.

If you are looking to eliminate mosquitoes and ticks on your property, Mosquito Squad of Rhode Island offers the most comprehensive approach. Our highly trained technicians are not simply purveyors of tick and mosquito yard mist. They are experts in the field of identifying problem areas on your property, which are conducive to breeding ticks and mosquitoes. They will not simply treat those areas, but work with you to eliminate the potential habitat, as well. And with this comprehensive approach to mosquito and tick elimination, Mosquito Squad of Rhode Island can rid your outdoor spaces of up to 90% of mosquitoes for up to three weeks and eliminates ticks on contact.

Charlestown tick control is for all seasons.

Unlike our Charlestown mosquito and tick yard sprays, tick control tubes are deployable in the cold weather seasons. These ingenious tick eliminators work undercover throughout the late fall and winter, killing ticks where they bed down. Our tick tubes contain tick eliminating treated cotton, which is carried back to the lairs of ground rodents, such as the white-footed mouse, the most voracious spreader of Lyme bacteria. Ticks that live in the nests of these rodents will be eliminated therein. Ticks that attempt to latch on to the mice that have used this cotton in their nests, will also be eliminated. What’s more, the treated cotton is only harmful to the ticks – not the mice.

Trust Mosquito Squad for your Charlestown tick and mosquito control. Call us today at (401) 825-0110 to schedule your mosquito and tick control.

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