Can our Charlestown Mosquito Control Eliminate All Mosquitoes?

mosquito on grass

It has been established that mosquitoes are the deadliest animals on Earth. These disease-spreading blood-suckers are a nuisance at best – fatal, at worst. So, why don't we eliminate them all?

If you ask most folks, they would likely say that there is no good use for mosquitoes. They invade our yards and homes. They buzz, zoom, and bite. If you are lucky, your mosquito bite will only cause a bit of discomfort and skin irritation, which can be treated with topical ointments or antihistamines. Out of the estimated 700 million mosquito-borne illness victims this year, one million will die. However, eliminating all mosquitoes is not the answer.

Science says, "Killing all mosquitoes is not good idea."

Scientifically speaking, eliminating an entire species could have massive effects on the ecosystem. Fish, frogs, and birds all feed on mosquitoes all over the world. In addition, mosquitoes do not just feed on blood. Female mosquitoes bite, because they require their blood meal to produce eggs, but male mosquitoes only feed on nectar and fruit and are pollinators. While some scientists argue that animals that feed on mosquitoes would simply find another available food source, many others claim that this is a road we do not want to travel, risking catastrophic effects on local ecosystems - potentially far-reaching.

Latin America attempted to eliminate Yellow Fever mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) by using massive amounts of pesticides, such as dreaded DDT, in the 1950's and 1960's. While their efforts of ridding areas of standing water containers, where female mosquitoes lay nearly 300 eggs about every three days, and applying large amounts of pesticides actually were effective, mosquitoes repopulated after the efforts stopped. It is believed that even if we could effectively eradicate mosquitoes, remnant populations would still exist, and would repopulate. There is good news for your family's fight against mosquitoes in Rhode Island!

Our Charlestown mosquito control will eliminate up to 90% of mosquitoes on your property.

Your family can enjoy the great outdoors this spring, summer, and fall with a yard that is up 90% free of mosquitoes for about 21 days between sprays. Mosquito Squad’s EPA-registered mosquito barrier protection treatment effectively eliminates many of the mosquitoes around your property. Our Charlestown mosquito control acts in two ways to eliminate mosquitoes around your home. First, it kills mosquitoes on contact. Afterwards, a time-released formula will continue working for about three weeks.

Trust Mosquito Squad, America’s original and guaranteed mosquito control since 2005, to protect your family from mosquitoes. Call us today at (401) 825-0110 to begin your mosquito control regime!