In Schererville, pests can turn smiles into itchy, uncomfortable frowns in an instant. Mosquito Squad of Northwest Indiana is here to help! 

Schererville Mosquito Control 

Schererville residents know the summer itch all too well. Female mosquitoes, responsible for those pesky bites, thrive in our warm Indiana climate. These bites not only cause irritating welts and discomfort, but they can also transmit diseases. 

At Mosquito Squad of Northwest Indiana, we offer a variety of solutions to keep these unwelcome guests at bay.  Choose from our traditional barrier spray or our natural treatment option, both of which can result in a reduction of mosquitoes by up to 85-90% for up to three weeks following treatment. For special occasions, we offer treatments designed with the big day in mind so that you can keep your mind on your celebration. 

Schererville Tick Control

Ticks are another disease-spreading summer nuisance. There are several species of concern in Indiana:

  • Black-legged tick (also known as deer tick): Small, mahogany-colored, associated primarily with Lyme disease and ehrlichiosis.
  • American dog tick: Most common in northern Indiana, relatively large, dark brown, associated with Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia.
  • Lone star tick: Noticeable white spot near neck, associated with Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, tularemia, and southern tick-associated rash illness (STARI).

Due to the diseases these arachnids carry, tick control is crucial. Each species is responsive to Mosquito Squad's potent tick control treatments, which attack ticks at their breeding grounds, making it much more difficult for larvae to reach full adulthood. Tick tubes are another option. Biodegradable tubes filled with insecticide-treated cotton are placed around your property. Mice then use the cotton for nesting, which helps expand your property's defense against ticks. 

Why Mosquito Squad of Schererville, IN?

For years, Mosquito Squad has been a leader in the pest control industry here in Indiana and throughout the United States. What makes us different? 

  • Proven Results: We offer professional, innovative solutions for relief from a variety of pests - and best of all, they've been proven to really work.
  • Excellent Service: We stand behind our work with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (terms and conditions apply).
  • Hard-working Team: Highly trained professionals assess your unique needs and tailor a service plan accordingly.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Our top-notch customer service has won us the trust of over 300,000 families across the country.

Schererville, IN Commercial Mosquito Control 

All kinds of Schererville businesses, including hotels, restaurants, schools, retailers, and more, rely on us for exceptional mosquito control services. Our skilled technicians pinpoint mosquito breeding sites and apply a protective barrier spray to help manage mosquito populations. For continuous protection, we also install automatic misting systems. 

Our services are conducted discreetly during off-hours to minimize disruption, with both traditional and natural treatment options available, depending on the needs of your business's staff and customers. From the first consultation through to the completion of our services, you can expect professionalism, timeliness, and a deep respect for your business operations.

Stink Bug Control in Schererville, IN

Stink bugs are easily recognizable by their shield-shaped bodies, often increasingly encountered once the cooler months set in. Due to the lack of natural predators for much of the country, they've become a widespread nuisance, and Schererville is no exception. Their worst contribution is the unpleasant scent they emit when disturbed or to invite more of their kind to join them when they've found a spot they think they can thrive, which often leads to infestations. 

To prevent them from entering your space, it's crucial to ready your home thoroughly from late summer through fall by caulking cracks, repairing screens, and using yellow outdoor lighting. For even greater protection, Mosquito Squad provides professional treatments that significantly reduce stink bug populations. Our effective barrier treatment keeps these unwanted guests from coming inside. Your nose will thank you!

Schererville, IN Pest Packages

Mosquito Squad offers targeted pest control packages designed to combat specific pest groups.

  • Squad Home Shield: This package tackles unwelcome indoor guests like ants and spiders, creating an invisible wall of protection around your home's exterior for long-term defense.
  • Squad Yard Defender: This package targets outdoor pests like fleas and ticks so that you can spend more time in the great outdoors without fear of bites and stings.

Both packages utilize effective solutions to manage pest populations and enhance your comfort indoors and out.

Mosquito Squad in Schererville, IN

We are committed to bringing you and yours high-quality pest control, reliable service, and unbeatable results throughout Schererville. Contact Mosquito Squad today at (219) 402-3344 or visit us online for a quote!



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