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Pests can be real party poopers. Trust Mosquito Squad to liven things up again without the sting of bites and other annoyances!

Michigan City Mosquito Control 

Did you know that female mosquitoes are the only ones who bite? Even though that's just half of the world's mosquito population, their bites make a huge impact on our everyday lives, especially during the warmest months of the year. When mosquitoes feed on blood, their bites leave behind red, itchy welts that can be irritating enough to cause sleep disruptions. Furthermore, even in the United States, they can transmit some truly nasty diseases.

Good thing Michigan City residents can call on Mosquito Squad for backup. We offer effective treatments, including a traditional barrier spray and a natural option, to reduce mosquitoes for up to three weeks. You can opt for a subscription plan in which a technician will come by every 21 days to maintain the same high level of protection. If needed, we also provide treatments just for special events to help keep celebrations comfortable. 

Michigan City Tick Control

Ticks are another bothersome part of the summer months in Indiana. They lie in wait among tall grasses and crawl onto unknowing passersby, onto whom the ticks latch for up to ten days. These bites can transmit a number of diseases depending on the species of tick, from Lyme disease to Southern tick-associated rash illness (STARI) to babesiosis and more. Mosquito Squad's approach to tick control is multi-faceted: our dual treatment spray effectively targets both mosquitoes and ticks, reducing their populations around your property. Additionally, we offer an innovative tick tube treatment, using biodegradable tubes filled with insecticide-treated cotton that mice use for bedding. This method cleverly minimizes ticks by targeting their rodent hosts, providing a natural yet powerful way to expand protection around your home. 

Why Mosquito Squad of Michigan City, IN?

Since 2005, Mosquito Squad has become a trusted leader in outdoor pest control. We prioritize providing proven, professional, and innovative solutions to help you with mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests.

Our commitment to excellence starts with top-quality products and a 100% satisfaction guarantee (terms and conditions apply - see website). Our highly trained technicians will assess your unique needs and tailor a service plan to effectively deal with pests. Don't settle for ineffective DIY methods or inexperienced providers.  Choose Mosquito Squad's proven track record and customer-centric approach for a smooth experience and solutions that really work.

Michigan City, IN, Commercial Mosquito Control 

Mosquito Squad offers comprehensive mosquito control services tailored for commercial properties, perfect for spaces like hotels, restaurants, parks, and other business venues. Our highly trained technicians identify and target breeding grounds and use a spray to build a protective barrier that discourages mosquitoes from returning. 

No matter your business size or industry, Mosquito Squad has you covered. We work discreetly during off-hours, offering both traditional and natural treatment options to suit your needs. From the initial consultation to service completion, you can expect professionalism, punctuality, and respect for your operations.

Stink Bug Control in Michigan City, IN

Stink bugs, originating from Asia, are shield-shaped pests about ¾ of an inch long that often invade homes in the U.S. to escape the cold. Lacking natural predators here, they've become a widespread nuisance, especially in building exteriors and in agriculture. To prevent these invaders from coming into your space, it's crucial to seal homes from late summer through fall by caulking cracks, repairing screens, and using yellow outdoor lighting. For even better protection, Mosquito Squad provides professional treatments to substantially reduce stink bug populations, creating an effective barrier that keeps them from entering homes.

Michigan City, IN, Pest Packages

Mosquito Squad offers targeted pest control packages that fight back against groups of similar pests. Squad Home Shield tackles unwelcome indoor guests like ants and spiders, sealing your home's exterior for long-term defense.  Meanwhile, Squad Yard Defender targets outdoor pests like fleas and ticks for a more comfortable outdoor space. Both packages utilize effective solutions to manage pest populations and enhance your comfort indoors and out.

Mosquito Squad in Michigan City, IN

At Mosquito Squad, we deliver unparalleled service alongside innovative, effective treatments that help banish bugs from your backyard. Call us today at (219) 402-3344 or visit us online for a free quote.


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