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When people think of dangerous bugs in Indiana, ticks and mosquitoes are rarely the first insects to come to mind. While definitely annoying, most people don’t realize that ticks infect tens of thousands of people in America with Lyme disease every year. Thankfully, Lyme disease is rarely fatal, and if diagnosed in the early stages can be easily treated with antibiotics. But if neglected, Lyme disease can drastically change people’s lives by limiting what food they can eat, and their ability to be active. Exceptionally difficult to diagnose, Lyme disease symptoms range from “bulls-eye” shaped rashes, too fevers, fatigue, shortness of breath, and other flu-like symptoms. Malaria, on the other hand, is better known for being responsible for the death of thousands. Nearly eradicated in the United States, it poses a much smaller but far more lethal threat. At Mosquito Squad of Northwest Indiana, we recognize that Malaria is still a real problem that is waiting to be solved in the rest of the world, especially in Africa. We are committed not only to your protection and comfort but to saving lives around the world. That’s why every time we mist for pests we will donate $1 to Malaria No More, a nonprofit organization that gets malaria treatments to those who need them the most. Contracting our professional extermination services for your home in Portage, IN prevents mosquitoes and ticks from ever having a chance to infect yourself or your family and is your best defense against dangerous diseases like malaria or Lyme.


Mosquito and tick activity have both been increasing steadily in the last few years. You have probably noticed mosquitoes starting to buzz around, or you may even have had to remove a tick after enjoying a day outside. You might even have started to notice these pests in your own backyard in Portage. Don’t unknowingly let your yard in Portage become the perfect place for ticks and mosquitoes to thrive. Ticks prefer to live in shady areas, specifically tall grass, and around fences or brick walls. They tend to travel only by latching onto a host, and their primary targets are mice, deer, and humans. You can cut down on the number of ticks in your Portage yard by making sure to keep your lawn cut short, and throwing out any yard clippings. Different from ticks, mosquitoes will lay eggs in any available standing water. From an untreated pool, to puddles on tarps, mosquitoes tend to stay within close proximity of their breeding areas. Evaluating and eliminating higher risk areas in your yard is a great first step towards exterminating pests in your backyard, but the most effective method for controlling mosquito and tick populations is with a Mosquito Squad barrier treatment. Our barrier sprays not only exterminate but also repel mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests from your home in Portage, IN.

Professional PEST CONTROL in Portage

Sometimes, regular pest control methods are insufficient in protecting your home in Portage, IN. When something more than a barrier treatment is required to handle your pest problem, our specialists recommend the use of our “tick tubes”, or the installation of one of our mosquito misting systems. Tick tubes are designed to employ mice, creatures that are most often the original sources of tick-borne disease. The tick tubes are placed in strategic locations around your Portage property and contain an EPA registered insecticide treated cotton that is specifically designed to eliminate ticks. After collecting the cotton, the mice return to their nest, spreading the insecticide and killing any tick nymphs within the nest as well as any adult ticks that the mice later come in contact with. Our misting systems protect against most pests and are effective against mosquitoes. With an automatic misting system installed you won’t have to worry about backyard pests, installation, or even maintenance.

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