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When a city has great schools, a low crime rate, friendly residential communities, and is rated among the best in the state, they want to ensure that their image does not become tainted at all costs. Mosquito and tick infestation is a sure way to get people out and to keep potential visitors away. Fortunately, the Mosquito Squad of Northwest Indiana serving Dyer is your natural mosquito exterminator that is ready to eradicate the pests from your home and prevent new ones from swooping in to mess with your family and pets. We know how uncomfortable it can be to hang out with friends and family and have to be constantly swatting mosquitoes or fleas. Our team members are both licensed and certified, so you know that the service you get is above par. Additionally, we get rid of the pests at your home, but we use products approved by the regional and federal authorities.

Mosquito Control in Dyer

Mosquitoes thrive in stagnant water; therefore, reducing the sources of mosquitoes may be as easy as clearing water from containers all over your property. This is a task that every household can complete. At home, mosquito feeding grounds can be avoided by removing abandoned synthetic pools, worn tires, or pails; cleaning blocked storm drains and fixing leaks around water pipes; replacing water in bird feeders on a routine basis, like once or twice per week; and draining or clearing pools of water and tree trunks. Bear in mind they can bring diseases like West Nile and dengue fever.

Without using insecticides, eliminating mosquito breeding areas can be a very successful and long-term way to minimize mosquito populations. However, in order to eradicate them and keep new ones from coming to your home, the Mosquito Squad of Northwest Indiana will do a thorough check of your home then mist the entire barrier. That should keep your family safe for up to three weeks, and we return automatically for maintenance. In a few minutes, your family can resume regular activities indoor and outdoor.

Tick Control in Dyer

Ticks can be very bothersome to both you and your pets. Unlike mosquitoes, a tick can burrow into your skin and feed there for a long time.

Irritation is one thing but knowing that you can end up with Lyme Disease, among others, is even scarier. When bitten by a tick, the area will itch profusely, which is a common symptom. Though itching is normal when bitten by a tick, Lyme disease patients will find the symptoms getting worse and a rash popping up a few weeks after getting the bite. Lyme disease may cause a person to have multiple symptoms from fever to swollen lymph nodes. Our team sets traps for mice which in turn affect the ticks when they bite the rodents. They ensure that ticks are afraid to cross the barrier, and your family can be at peace.

NaturalMosquito Control in Dyer

Not everyone can deal with insecticides, and our natural mosquito control team is aware of this and fully prepared to treat your home with non-toxic mosquito repellent. The Barrier Protection Treatment we use is made up of essential oils. Therefore, the smell is not potent but rather flowery and diminishes in minutes. Your place should stay protected for about fourteen days, and the team will be back to keep your home free of mosquitoes and ticks automatically.

Our competent team initially focuses on the critical areas then the periphery of your home to eliminate the mosquitoes and prevent new ones from disturbing your outdoor recreations. You are able to get back to your typical routine in about 30 minutes.

Why Mosquito Squad of Northwest Indiana

The three main reasons you should choose Mosquito Squad of Northwest Indiana are Our years of experience, our proven track record, and our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee to all our clients. We are confident in what we do because we love our community and care about our reputation.

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