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Who We Are: Mosquito Squad of Northwest Indiana, Serving Michigan City, Indiana

Being on the shores of Lake Michigan has its perks, including gorgeous scenery, cool breezes, and plenty of water activities. However, while Michigan City is home to many great things, it's also home to tons of mosquitoes. Once the weather warms up, these pesky little bugs can come out in force, creating potentially hazardous conditions for adults and children alike.

Fortunately, you have an ally in the fight against mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile or Zika Virus. Mosquito Squad of Northwest Indiana, serving Michigan City, is here to help keep your backyard safe and ensure that your spring and summer are as pest-free as possible. In addition to mosquitoes, we also take care of ticks, giving a knockout punch to both breeds in one fell swoop. How can we serve you today?

Mosquito Control in Michigan City, Indiana

The best time to implement Michigan City mosquito prevention is at the beginning of the season, starting around mid-April or early May. Even though the city usually sprays for mosquitoes in mid-summer, it's vital to kill the larvae as quickly as possible so that they don't grow into adults and spread out into neighboring areas. Mosquito Squad of Northwest Indiana is committed to providing safe, effective, and affordable treatment options to ensure that mosquitoes don't ruin your plans.

Best of all, our traditional mosquito treatment not only kills the bugs on contact, but it prevents further outbreaks for several weeks. Once you get your first spray, we'll set up future visits so that you can stay mosquito-free all summer long until fall arrives.

Tick Control in Michigan City, Indiana

Although mosquitoes are the most prevalent threat in Michigan City, ticks can pose an even greater danger, thanks to their ability to spread Lyme disease. One of the primary issues with Lyme disease is that it's often misdiagnosed, meaning that the condition can worsen long before a patient gets the proper treatment.

Another reason to take care of ticks is that they can easily attach to pets and make them sick. While it's easy to check for these bugs on yourself or your children, it's much harder to inspect Fido every time he comes in from the backyard.

As with our non-toxic mosquito repellent, we take care of ticks quickly, safely, and effectively. With monthly treatments, you can stay tick-free the whole season and avoid a trip to the hospital. The secret is our tick tubes, which actually attract mice. Mice are nature's tick control, and we believe in keeping the natural balance. Don't worry, they won't come close enough to your house to make an uninvited trip inside.

All Natural Mosquito Control Michigan City, Indiana

While our mosquito spray service works well and is safe for the environment, some of our customers prefer an all natural solution. Mosquito Squad of Northwest Indiana, serving the Michigan City area, uses a potent mixture of essential oils and other organic ingredients to repel mosquitoes and ticks from your yard. While not as effective as our traditional treatment, it continues to work for up to two weeks. Just let our technicians spray strategic areas around the house, wait 30 minutes, and voilà! All natural mosquito control.

Why Mosquito Squad of Northwest Indiana?

We know that you have plenty of choices for mosquito and tick control in Michigan City. However, we believe that we're the best solution to your pest problem for a couple of reasons:

  • First, we offer a 21-day guarantee on our standard mosquito and tick treatment. If they come back before three weeks are over, we'll respray at no charge.
  • Second, we've been in this business since 2005, and we've served over 300,000 families in Northwest Indiana and the Midwest. Our service speaks for itself.
  • Finally, we take care of our customers and treat each home as if it's our own. We don't want mosquitoes or ticks ruining our backyard, and we'll make sure that they don't ruin yours.

For Mosquito Control in Michigan City, IN call us today or contact us online to schedule an appointment!

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  • “We get the tick service for our dog. We can’t thank Mosquito Squad enough!” - Darec & Sandy L.
  • “I will NEVER have a summer without Mosquito Squad!” - Jane P.
  • “I am a believer! After one treatment I noticed a huge difference. Huge! Now, after 3 treatments, I marvel at how much time I've spent outside this summer. Thank you for giving me my outdoors back.” - Connie B.
  • “We have been long time customers of Mosquito Squad. We tried another company a few years back, but their product didn't work as well. Not only does the product work and allow us to enjoy the outdoors, ...” - Mary
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