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Gary Top Mosquito Treatment Keeps You Free From Bites

Who We Are: Mosquito Squad of Northwest Indiana, serving Gary, Indiana

Gary is famous for being home to enormous steel mills, which provided jobs for many households. Additionally, the Jackson Five originated here, so the Mosquito Squad of Northwest Indiana, serving the Gary area, wants the residents and visitors alike to feel comfortable in our city by keeping the mosquitoes at bay. Our Northwest Indiana safe mosquito deterrent service is entirely directed at rendering a pest-free home to make you enjoy being there at all times. Whether it's the mosquito, tick, or other popular outdoor pests, they can all be controlled with our natural products or traditional treatments, based on your preference. We do not onlyget rid of the existing pests, but we take additional measures via a durable, renowned treatment process to prevent new pests from coming to attack your family. Call us today to learn more about what we can do to help you and your family reconnect with nature.

Mosquito Control In Gary, Indiana

We'll begin your journey free of any mosquito with a thorough inspection of your house. Throughout the inspection, we'll look for any water sources, trees, or other areas outside your house where bugs thrive. Then we'll concentrate our treatment there toget rid of the bugs right where they started. Overall, for up to three weeks after we treat your home, the Protective Barrier Treatment covers the house and deters any new mosquitoes from disturbing you! When there's a need for a respray, you'll find that our hassle-free maintenance plan is just as promised, so you won't have to worry if the pests will return. We destroy more than ninety percent of them with our signature service.

You'll have to wait for a few minutes following the treatment to get back to the outdoors and have fun with your family, friends, and pets.

Tick Control In Gary, Indiana

There is a multitude of ways that ticks can become a nuisance to both you and your pets. The tick can also cause Lyme disease, but the Mosquito Squad experts are here to help. Tick protection professionals may provide two service levels to get rid of ticks before they get to you. Tick tubes are mounted throughout your premises to entice rodents, while our conventional mosquito control treatment eliminates mature ticks on impact. Mice use the fabric in tick tubes as bed linen, and because mice are the source of most ticks' initial blood feeding, they become susceptible to the treated cotton, which kills them.

NaturalMosquito Control, Gary, Indiana

If you want to stay away from synthetics, Mosquito Squad® provides an natural mosquito and tick control solution. The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has licensed our Barrier Protection Treatment, which is aimed at complying with both local and federal legislation. This system is for our clients who would rather natural alternatives over regular methods.

The Barrier Protection Treatment both kills then repels the mosquitoes for fourteen days. Our licensed and certified professionals will come back automatically to do an naturalrespray to ensure your home's defense is effective during the season.

Our natural formula consists of essential oils with a light botanical scent that fades after a few hours. However, half an hour after drying time, you can resume your outdoor activities!

Why Mosquito Squad Of Northwest Indiana

Our customers have rated us five stars because we deliver on our promises for both natural and conventional treatment. With our dedication to performance and unmatched customer support, Mosquito Squad has won the admiration of both colleagues and clients since 2005. Despite being locally owned and operated, Mosquito Squad is a nationally recognized brand due to our high standards. Our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee offers you confidence that you'll enjoy our service, or we'll fix it without an extra charge.

We want the mosquito squad to become a household name for you, so fill out ourcontact form or us a call right now (219) 402-3344 to get your free quote and learn why your friends and neighbors trust our brand!

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