Are Fleas Dangerous to Humans?


Like mosquitoes, fleas are tiny, but they pack a punch.

Being a pet owner, by now you are most likely aware of the threat of fleas here and why flea control Jacksonville is so very important.

The potential for flea bites in Jacksonville is significant, as they can cause a host of problems, including flea bite allergies, infections from scratching, and the spread of disease from fleas to humans.

Flea control Jacksonville bite signs to watch for.

Flea bites are small, discolored bumps on your skin that come from fleas feeding on your blood, similar to how mosquitoes can harm us. Fleas are small insects known as vectors, meaning living things that carry diseases between animals and humans. These flea vectors often carry infections through blood.

In the event you have never seen one, fleas are tiny, wingless insects. They are dark brown or black and have flat bodies. They have six legs, strong claws on the bottoms of their legs that allow them to hold onto a host, and mouthparts that pierce your skin and feed on your blood. Sound familiar?

Their hind legs are longer and stronger than their legs in the middle and the front, allowing them to jump over 12 inches.

Surprisingly, there are more than 2,500 flea species in the world and more than 300 species in the United States. Flea bites can be dangerous because they may spread diseases that can be serious or even fatal. This is why flea control Jacksonville is imperative.

The symptoms of a flea bite vary. If the flea has a disease or an allergic reaction occurs, the symptoms may be more severe. Common symptoms include:

1. Itchy and irritated skin.

2. A discolored ring around the bite.

More severe symptoms can include:

1. An allergic reaction (hives, rash, shortness of breath and swelling).

2. Infection of a disease carried by a flea (fever, headache, body aches, rash, nausea, abdominal pain, weight loss, dizziness and weakness can accompany various diseases).

Flea bites are slightly more unique than other common insect bites. After a flea bites you, a small, discolored bump typically forms. A discolored ring may form around the bite. Flea bites don’t swell to the size of mosquito bites. They are also unique because of their bite pattern and location. Flea bites often appear in a straight line or a cluster. Fleas are more likely to bite you on your legs, especially your feet, calves and ankles.

Flea control Jacksonville starts with examining your pets. If your pets are scratching more than normal and are restless, it’s a good idea to check them for fleas. If your pet has fleas and you have bites on your legs, you likely have flea bites.

Protect yourself and your family with flea control Jacksonville.

How flea control Jacksonville works with Mosquito Squad.

Once our technicians arrive at your home, they will conduct a comprehensive inspection to assess your situation. Once the scope of your flea problem is known, we will develop a targeted plan of attack for the specific areas of your yard where fleas harbor and breed like brush and wood piles, tall grass, and under decks. It’s important that adult fleas do not reproduce. Our treatment will focus on stopping them from spreading!

If you suspect that fleas are present in your yard, you must take care of the problem immediately by contacting The Squad. We are not just ready to tackle the problem for you, we are ready to knock down your pest problem and maintain your bug-free environment with smart preventative maintenance.

Prevent flea bites with effective flea control in Jacksonville FL. Call Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida at (904) 844-0816.

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