St. Johns Mosquito Control for Backyards

A picture of a backyard

If you want to enjoy your backyard to the fullest, enlist the pros for mosquito control in St. Johns County.

There is hardly a bigger annoyance than Florida mosquitoes buzzing around your head when you are trying to relax or host a party in your backyard. The options for mosquito protection are aplenty and often cleverly situated by outdoor party supplies in the store this time of year. We grab plates, napkins, and a citronella candle and go, only later to find that one candle covers very little area. They are, additionally, not highly effective backyard mosquito control.

Guaranteed Backyard Mosquito Control St. Johns County

When it comes to providing the finest, most trusted and most dependable mosquito control St. Johns County, you can’t beat Mosquito Squad – well known and respected for St. Johns mosquito control.

Our clients love our mosquito control solutions, and our commitment to exceptional customer service.

The beauty of our St. Johns mosquito control offerings is that you have great options to choose from.

1. Our Traditional Mosquito Barrier Treatment: Our original mosquito control formula that we started with back in 2005 – the winner and still champion. This primary St. Johns mosquito control technique involves treating a proprietary blend that meets both local and federal regulations, targeting areas where mosquitoes feed, breed, and harbor. This ingenious mosquito barrier provides protection for up to 21 days. We can target any outdoor area where mosquitoes feed and reproduce. We suggest hiring our team to return every three weeks for optimum results.

2. Our Natural Mosquito Treatment Option: While our classic mosquito control St. Johns County products are registered with the EPA, we also offer a solution that uses essential oils for a completely natural repellant that kills mosquitoes and ticks on contact. Lasting up to 14 days, our technicians handle application schedules that let you enjoy your yard within 30 minutes of service.

3.Our Special Event Sprays: Just because you’re away from your Mosquito Squad protected home doesn’t mean you can take that great St. Johns mosquito control with you. Forget about you and your guests being bitten during your next outdoor event, and don’t bother carrying around spray repellant that gets everywhere. We’ll arrive early to the outdoor celebration site to apply your treatment before any food arrives, ensuring the spray is dry and odor-free before the start of your event.

St. Johns Backyard Mosquito Control is More Than Yard Spray

What truly sets our professional St. Johns mosquito control team apart is that our highly trained techs work with every client to tailor their treatment to their environment, while also helping them identify and eliminate troublesome areas throughout their property.

Throughout St. Johns, we spend every day dedicated to providing quality solutions to the mosquito problems that our customers have. As residents of Northeast Florida, we have tailored our methods to best suit the conditions and demands of our area. Most of all, we love our customers! As a family-owned business in St. Johns, we treat each customer as a member of our family the moment that they join the Squad!

Call on Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida for effective St. Johns mosquito control, to protect your whole family from painful mosquito bites. Get in touch with us at (904) 844-0816.

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