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Not only are ticks frustrating to see and deal with, but they're also quite dangerous. Over ten-thousand people a year in the US are affected by tick-related illnesses, some of which are even deadly. Most homes have some common factors that attract ticks, such as pets that play in the yard, damp and shaded areas, and fences or brick walls. However, don't worry; you can have a practically tick-free house with a tick control treatment from Mosquito Squad. With a greater than 99 percent customer satisfaction rate and over 90,000 yards treated, our treatments work.


The first half of our tick control treatment involves applying a barrier treatment around your property and in tick feeding and harboring areas. We use a time-released solution that kills and repels ticks for up to three weeks, and the solution even repels other pests, including fleas, flies, and gnats. Our EPA-registered solution is safe for homes with kids and pets. In just 30 minutes after the treatment, the solution is fully dry and your yard is ready for use.

If you're seeking an organic solution, we can use our in-house, naturaltick repellent. This solution is made of a surfactant and essential oils, and it repels ticks by releasing scents that confuse pests and encourage them to avoid your yard. While this gentle solution focuses on repelling ticks instead of killing them, it still reduces the number of ticks by 65-80 percent and protects your yard for two weeks. Although the solution gives off an aroma that repels ticks, people cannot smell the solution within 24 hours of application.

The second half of a tick treatment involves placing tick tubes in your yard. Filled with insecticide-treated cotton, tick tubes attract mice that take the cotton to build houses. The insecticide gets on the mice's fur, which kills all ticks that touch the mice. Our biodegradable tick tubes turn mice into walking tick exterminators. Finally, we find all tick breeding areas and remove or treat them for additional protection.

Feel free to leave the house on the day of your appointment. We can work while you're gone, and we leave a notice on your door detailing our arrival time and work completed


Even though nearly 100 percent of our customers are happy with their treatments, we still want you to have complete peace of mind. That's why we offer our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If your tick treatment doesn't provide the results you expect, reach out to us and you'll receive a full refund with no questions asked.


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