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Tick Control


Ticks carry Lyme Disease which is on the rise on Massachusetts, and these pests spread rapidly and often go undetected until there’s a major infestation in your home. These troublesome pests transmit diseases that can harm or kill people and pets, so don’t take any chances once you notice ticks roaming your property. Mosquito Squad of Central Massachusetts serves a large number of cities in the area, and we offer a comprehensive tick control solution with proven results. Contact us over the phone to discuss how we can help or schedule a free appointment where we’ll evaluate your yard and offer an estimate. While you’re deciding on how to proceed, we have some useful tick-proofing tips that help make your property less inviting to ticks.


The Mosquito Squad satisfaction guarantee entitles you to a full refund if you’re not pleased with your treatment. Our tick treatment begins with a barrier treatment, and if it doesn’t offer the results you expect, contact us for a free respray or an immediate refund. Even if you request the respray, you’re still able to get a full refund if the respray isn’t satisfactory.


A Mosquito Squad barrier treatment is the first step of the treatment. A licensed team visits your yard and searches for areas where ticks gather—typically damp, cool locations. We treatment a time-released solution on these areas, instantly killing adult ticks and repelling ticks for three weeks. Our team also sprays the yard’s exterior, creating an invisible barrier that ticks avoid.

We also offer an organic barrier treatment, which uses our in-house, naturalrepellent. Made with essential oils, the repellent gives off an aroma that repels ticks, mosquitoes, gnats, spiders, certain ants, and other pests. The organic treatment repels 65-80 percent of ticks, and it works for up to 14 days.


We place tick tubes in your yard to eliminate nymph ticks. These biodegradable tick tubes are placed in inconspicuous locations and contain insecticide-treated cotton, designed to lure mice and use them to kill ticks. Mice gather the cotton to build shelter, and the insecticide goes into their bloodstream. Young ticks commonly feed on mice, and as the ticks bite the mice they’re killed promptly. Our tick tubes provide up to six months of protection before requiring replacement. For optimal protection, we suggest having us revisit twice a year to replace the tick tubes. As the tick tubes kill young ticks, they have a cumulative effect and results improve as time goes by.

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