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While ticks might only seem like an annoyance, these pests carry diseases and parasites that affect tens of thousands of people and pets every year in the United States. As their bites aren't painful or itchy, ticks spread quickly, so you can quickly develop a tick infestation before you notice anything. As soon as you spot ticks on your property, don't take any chances and contact us for a tick treatment. We use a dual-step treatment process that eliminates almost 100 percent of ticks and keeps them away for weeks at a time. If you'd like more information on our treatments, call us today and chat with our friendly, knowledgeable specialists in Andover, MA.


The first half of our tick treatment is a professional-quality barrier treatment. We use mist blowers to apply an EPA-registered, time-released solution on all foliage and tick gathering areas. The treatment immediately kills ticks, as well as flies, fleas, gnats, and other pests, and the solution keeps killing ticks for three weeks. The average-size yard only takes 15-20 minutes to treatment. Then, it takes 30 minutes for the solution to dry, and then your nearly pest-free yard is ready for you to enjoy.

We also offer an natural treatment treatment for Andover residents. While our traditional treatment kills 90-95 percent of ticks, the organic repellent keeps 65-80 percent of ticks away from your yard. This gentle treatment option repels pests for two weeks, and it also repels spiders, chiggers, ants, and other pests. Our natural solution gives off a botanical scent, but the smell goes away within 24 hours of application. For the ultimate in tick protection, we suggest subscribing to one of our treatment programs, which provides continuous protection throughout tick season.


Positioning tick tubes in your yard is the second half of our treatment. We find the best locations to place the tubes, while ensuring that the tick tubes won't interfere with the enjoyment of your yard. These biodegradable tubes contain treated cotton that mice take to build shelter. As the mice touch the cotton, they get insecticide on their fur, which kills ticks immediately upon contact. After placing the tick tubes, we remove or treat all tick-breeding areas to ensure that ticks don't appear unexpectedly.


If your barrier treatment doesn't provide the results you expected, we'll apply another treatment treatment at no cost. If you're still unsatisfied with the results, our money-back guarantee ensures you'll receive a full refund without any hassle or questions.Get started with our Andover mosquito control technicians today!

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