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If you've ever had ticks roaming around your yard, you know how annoying they are. These resilient pests are hard to kill, especially if you're only using over the counter items or home remedies. Worse yet, tick-borne illnesses are on the rise. Currently, tens of thousands of Americans are affected by tick-related illnesses, and the situation is predicted to get worse. Keep your family and pets safe with our combined tick treatment - utilizing a barrier treatment and tick tubes to eliminate young and mature ticks. For more information, call us to chat with a specialist, or have us call you to schedule an appointment for a no-cost estimate.


Our barrier treatment focuses on eliminating 85-95 percent of mature ticks. We treatment an EPA-registered solution in specific places, such as tick gathering and feeding areas and all foliage, to instantly kill ticks. As the solution we use is time-released, protection continues for three weeks before another treatment is required. You're able to use your yard almost immediately after a treatment, as it only takes 30 minutes for the solution to dry.

To accommodate customers who don't want synthetic chemicals in their yard, we made an in-house, organic tick solution. This solution repels -but doesn't kill - 70 to 75 percent of ticks, and it works for 14 days before requiring another treatment.

Whether you're ordering a traditional or an organic treatment, browse through our treatment programs. You can save a lot of money by ordering treatment package deals. We can also create a personalized program just for you.

The Mosquito Squad Guarantee states that if you're not happy with your treatment, you're entitled to a free re-treatment. However, if you don't want the re-treatment, or if the second treatment doesn't leave you 100 percent happy, we give you a refund with no hassle or questions.


Tick tubes are the perfect complement to a barrier treatment. These biodegradable tubes transform house mice into serious tick exterminators. We put insecticide-treated cotton inside the tubes, which mice gather for housing. The insecticide gets on the mice's fur, and the young ticks that try to feed on the mice are quickly killed. We adjust the number of tick tubes in your yard based on its size and layout. For the best tick protection, it's recommended that you have tick tubes installed in the springtime and toward the end of summer.

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