Franklin Mosquito Control Will Make You the Host with The Most

family cookout

If you love hosting backyard barbecues in Franklin, TN, trust Mosquito Squad to ward off unwanted guests.

They say, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” Do you know what else commences an aerial assault (or flies) when you’re having fun? Yep – mosquitoes! If you are planning on hosting a Labor Day outdoor soiree, it’s time to schedule your mosquito control spray for special events.

Why do we recommend Franklin mosquito control for special events?

Because mosquitoes do not require invitations. They do not RSVP. They are downright rude, vile, and inconsiderate. In fact, they are carrying on right now in the areas around your home, just laying their egg clutches, growing into adults, and doing it all again. When they find you and your guests in the backyard, it will be too late to launch a counterattack. The goal is to keep them away in the first place!

With Franklin mosquito control for special events, you can stop them dead in their tracks. A perfect solution to get rid of those disease-ridden varmints for your Labor Day cookout and nighttime festivities, our special event treatments will eliminate or significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes that bite guests and hover over food.

Here is how our Franklin mosquito control works. We mist before food and dinnerware arrive so there is no opportunity for contamination. Once applied, our Protective Barrier Treatment dries within 30 minutes and leaves no odor or visible residue. Notably, the barrier will last the entire duration of your event so the celebration can continue into the night!

We are proud to report that Mosquito Squad has helped over 300,000 families enjoy the outdoors again since 2005. We believe the only good mosquito is a dead one; and we guarantee the effectiveness of our work. We stand behind all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t see results you love, call us before the event and we’ll come back at no extra cost and make it right for you.

Franklin tick control is a bonus with your special event spray!

Our Franklin mosquito control spray offers a double and triple whammy by providing protection against the likes of nasty ticks and even fleas. Tick bite protection is not simply to prevent Lyme disease. Did you know that one bite from the wrong tick can prevent you or a guest from ever enjoying grilled meat again if they get Alpha-Gal syndrome as a result? And fleas are not just nuisance biters – they can be dangerous to humans and pets.

Get special event protection through our tried-and-true Franklin mosquito control, tick control, and flea control too! Contact Mosquito Squad of Nashville at 615-492-3662.

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