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Tick Control to Prevent Dangerous Allergy

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Calling all carnivores! Beware of the lone star tick and its potentially life-altering bite.

As if we all need to be alarmed about another threat to our health and well-being, beware of the Lone Star Tick. It can change your life in ways that you most likely would never have imagined.

We recently learned of an organic farmer here in town who is now in dire need of Hendersonville tick control. Raising a vast vegetable garden in addition to breeding pigs and goats as family food sources – as well as selling to local farmer’s markets – this young gentleman farmer and father became inexplicably ill.

After seeking medical attention and going through a regimen of tests, he was told that he was suffering from the effects of being bitten by a Lone Star Tick and now had a meat allergy to anything on four legs.

That means no pork (with the irony that he was raising pigs, which he has now sold to nearby farmers) – no beef, no lamb, no pork, no goat-related food products – nothing!

And it’s not just the meat products themselves, it’s four-legged meat byproducts, too. For example, a family member thought they were doing him a favor by making chicken sausage for a cookout. But the farmer couldn’t eat it as the casing surrounding the chicken sausage mixture was from a hog. ALLERGY DANGER.

Prevent the dangers of tick-induced allergy AGS with Hendersonville Tick control.

The Lone Star tick has evolved to become a common pest throughout the Hendersonville area and nearby regions, accounting for more than 90% of tick bites in the Southeastern states. The species has spread up the Eastern seaboard and to the Midwest in recent years, leaving cases of AGS in its wake.

People who have suffered a Lone Star Tick bite often wind up with alpha-gal syndrome (AGS) and typically report allergic reactions, from hives and stomach troubles to full-on anaphylaxis, hours after eating pork or beef. The symptoms might seem random for individuals who have never had issues with meat in the past, but scientists have identified a common thread: the Lone Star Tick.

For some afflicted with AGS, alpha-gal syndrome, it has the potential to induce a serious anaphylactic reaction, which must be treated IMMEDIATELY.

The Centers for Disease Control recommends people prevent the spread of tick-borne illnesses, like AGS and the more common Lyme disease, by avoiding tick bites. Ticks thrive in grassy, brushy, and wooded areas, so make sure to perform a thorough check for bugs after going outside. You can also buy tick-treated clothing or EPA-registered insect repellent.

Hendersonville tick control can help protect you from dangerous tick bites.

Knowing how serious and life-altering tick bites can be, it is critically important to protect yourself throughout your backyard; when away from home while camping, hiking, and exploring nature areas, and most assuredly by enlisting Mosquito Squad tick control to treat your yard to eliminate all tick species.

Tick bites can be life-altering. Help protect yourself and your family with Hendersonville tick control. Call Mosquito Squad of Nashville. Call 615-492-3662.

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