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Anthony Ladd Profile Image

Anthony Ladd

(July 12, 2024)

"Easy to get started. Will update review if mosquitos come back; otherwise, assume they did a great job!"

Donna Nichols Profile Image

Donna Nichols

(July 11, 2024)

"Frank, the technician, did a great job today."

Vivian Fisher Profile Image

Vivian Fisher

(July 9, 2024)

"I have been mosquito free all summer. Whatever you are using is working."

Tricia McNally Profile Image

Tricia McNally

(July 9, 2024)

"Our tech was wonderful and very thorough!! He took his time and was excellent and friendly !!!"

Lisa Dale Profile Image

Lisa Dale

(July 3, 2024)

"Our BEST SUMMER EVER! Our son is allergic to mosquitoes. He welts up really badly and they destroy him by tagging him all over his body. The past few years we’ve just gone inside around 4pm and that was our day. Our house backs up to the woods so we thought there was no way this would work, but we were desperate and willing to try anything. We will NEVER not use Mosquito Squad. This has been a total game changer for our family and our kids have not gotten bit (on our property) since we started our treatment. We went from them getting covered in bites to them being able to play outside bite free well into the evening! Would 10/10 recommend."

Jim Neufeldt Profile Image

Jim Neufeldt

(July 2, 2024)

"At least for a few days after the treatment we had no mosquitos."

Kirby Shepherd Profile Image

Kirby Shepherd

(June 28, 2024)

"CJ did a thorough Job on my property. I hope our house is added to his route. Thank you mosquito squad !"

Stephen Thomas Profile Image

Stephen Thomas

(June 28, 2024)

"Mosquito Squad has been very helpful with controlling our bug issues. Heather has been our main point of contact and she has been extremely helpful and has taking care of us from the get go. Will be using the squad for future bug seasons"

Linda Hydrick Profile Image

Linda Hydrick

(June 26, 2024)

"Wonderful work. I called and someone was out here within the hour!!! Amazing and that is WHY we choose mosquito squad. They are the BEST WITHIN A DOUBT. We’ve used them for years. If you have even 1 mosquito after they spray they come back and respray pronto!!! It’s absolutely wonderful to be able to go out in my yard ANYTIME of the day or night and not have a mosquito. I really can’t say enough except I tried another service last year and ended up calling MS to take over because they do such an amazing job. Thank goodness MOSQUITO SQUAD👏🏻😃"

D Tay Profile Image

D Tay

(June 21, 2024)

"Worked really well... Tech was in and out in no time.... will deff. Stay with MS...."